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Rihanna in pink sweater and jeans

Rihanna Loves Acid Wash Jeans. Do You?

- posted by Stylish1 via Seventh Square

Whether you like it or not, 80’s fashions are back and celebs can’t get enough of the decade inspired trends. One trend that was once popular in the 80’s, are acid wash jeans. There have been many versions of these jeans seen out in stores lately. This trend is a risky one, because this style of jean does not look good on everyone.

Rihanna in pink sweater and jeans

Here we have Rihanna rocking some high-waisted acid wash skinny jeans. She paired this look with a soft pink sweater, and peep-toe booties. I like this look on Rihanna, but those jeans are hard to pull off. She can do it, but personally I would shy away from them.

Rihanna in pink sweater and jeans

What do you think of Rihanna’s acid wash jeans?

Drake interviewed on MTV Raw

Drake: I Can’t Rap about Cash $$$ and Taking Women Shopping

With all the buzz surrounding Drake and his brilliant mic skills,  I have never posted anything about him. Maybe it’s because I heard some of his early music. While impressive, I also caught a few light references to drugs and guns, and instantly slotted him in the young rappers talking about crap they know nothing about and have never done file. In other words: rapping for dollars. In true words: the biggest life sucking force of artistry.

So it’s a real good look to see Drake cutting through the easy, cheesy route, and, going forward, choosing to rap about what’s true to his life.
Drake revealed this in a recent interview with MTV Raw. In this clip he talks about his lyrical evolution, capping it with an example of how he will never have a woman just throw it in the bag.

Drake interviewed on MTV Raw

“I was listening the other day to a really old song I did — well, old to me. I really didn’t have anything back then, so I wanted to speak like I had everything. That’s just being young and being influenced by other people. Like all these rappers are talking about being rich so I gotta talke about being rich too.. but now it’s at the point where I can only rap about what’s going on around me.”

Drake interviewed on MTV Raw

“Like if you told me we’re going to do a song about cars. I don’t know if I could do it. Like you take Fab’s “Throw it in the Bag.” On a song like that Fab is talking about something very specific. He’s talking about taking girls to the store and buying them things. I’ve never done that before.. I’ve bought something for a female, but I can’t walk into a store with her and buy her something that she asks for or buy her something in front of her face.”

This one comment has peaked my interest in what his album will sound like, whenever that holy moment occurs. wink

Lebron James Witness the King

Lebron James, No One Shakes Hands 2.0 + MJ’s Silky Smooth Shot

When Lebron James walked off the court after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in last season’s Eastern Conference finals, it was thought to be an in the moment reaction; something he wouldn’t do again. Clicking through ESPN today, I see he’s saying otherwise. While in Chicago, on August 11, to promote his movie “More Than a Game,” Lebron defended his reaction, saying no one shakes hands after a loss.

“As far as shaking hands, it’s something that is not done in the NBA. If it was something like tennis, after tennis, you play, you win, you lose, you go to the center and shake hands, it happens every game in tennis.”

That’s right, like, Tiger Woods did after his loss to Y.E. Yang on Sunday.

Tiger Woods hangs head after bad shot

Even though he was sick about the loss..

Tiger Woods congratulates Ye Yang after loss

he gave Yang a soul clap.

Anyway, two seconds later, Lebron expanded on his ‘I don’t shake hands’ rule..

Lebron James walks off court after loss to Orlando Magic

“In basketball, you look at 82 regular-season games, it’s easy, guys are gonna shake hands, the fact that I didn’t do the media session, I think that’s why the story was all blown up, and I apologize for that, but I will not apologize for shaking nobody’s hand. You never accept losing, ever.”

When the reporter reminded James that most players usually shake hands at the end of a playoff series, James bristled again. “No you don’t, no you don’t,” he responded.

“Teamwork has nothing to do with shaking hands. I’m not a poor sport at all. You can ask anyone that knows me. Who brought up the rule that shaking hands, that’s what you’re supposed to do?
No one shakes hands at the end of series all the time. No one does that. No one does that at all.”

Maybe you don’t shake hands, but at least a fist bump. In time maybe Lebron will see the flaw in his thinking.

Side note/track: look who’s back. Michael Jordan was caught on flipcam taking a minute to show a Slam basketball player that the “old guy’s” shot is as smooth as ever. There isn’t any kind of serious defense on him, but Jordan is taking fadeaways and only misses once.

At the start of the video, in jeans, jumping to grab the rim, he looks like any other guy in the gym. Funny how quick we forget - six rings/the greatest player to play the game. Another quote from the same Lebron James interview.. “As a kid, when Mike was playing, everybody wanted to be like Mike. He’s the greatest basketball player to ever walk the face of the earth.”

Hmm, I don’t remember him ever being criticized for not giving a guy his propers at the end of a playoff game. Just saying.

Rihanna dressed like a ninja in We Run This video shoot

Rihanna Zipped from Hamptons: Chopper Correction

Over the weekend I was two fingers close to Tweeting about the helicopter and plane crash over the Hudson River. That’s where those kinds of stories end up now. That helicopter was part of a fleet operated by Liberty Helicopters. If you recall, last week I posted a story about Rihanna using their services to fly back from the Hamptons. Well, a few minutes ago I got a call from Rihanna’s management, informing me that she actually used Zip Aviation to make the trip. They felt it was important that Rihanna not be connected with the tragedy in any way. Correction made. I forgot to ask how much the flight cost. Let’s go with more than zero, less than you’d be willing/able to pay.

Oh yeah, that’s Rihanna under the hoodie. A shot taken from last Friday’s “Run This Town” video shoot.

Can they confirm that she’s a ninja?

Marlon Wayan and Ray Park at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

“G.I. Joe” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles: Marlon Wayans, Ciara, Aubrey O’ Day

Last night, celebs and their personal Entourages stepped out to The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.” Consider this yellow light, the studio execs didn’t allow any sneak previews/reviews of the film. That’s usually a sign the movie is the opposite of fantastic and they’re attempting to avoid drying up their first weekend squeeze of the box office.

Oddly enough, I’ve avoided any reviews, even Twitter comments, about the movie for the same reason: I don’t want to know anything before sitting down with something hot buttered/salted and a quart of sweet, icy, liquid diabetes. Yes, large does equals XXL, and the sugar high fills in any blind spots in the plotline. Honestly, I stash a human-sized drink in a pocket or bag. wink

There are a lot of people in this movie..

Sienna Miller at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

That’s Sienna Miller in photographer’s row.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

Marlon Wayans at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Without a doubt, for anyone visiting this site, you want to see how Marlon Wayans handles an action-figure role. Other than “Requiem for a Dream,” I’ve never seen him in a movie that didn’t have a punchline.

Heidi Montag and her sparkly shoes at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Heidi Montag is not a G.I. Joe action figure, she wanted to show off her sparkly shoes.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt checks out Playboy at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Apparently, she is in the latest Playboy! That’s her husband, Spencer Pratt, cheking out the um, spread.

Adewale Akinnuoye at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Adewale Akinnuoye: in the movie.

Heidi Montag and her sparkly shoes at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Aubrey O’Day may have been kicked off Danity Kane, and essentially seeded the group’s demise, but she’s still welcome on the red carpet scene. Her new ‘single’ “Party All the Time” leaked this week. Yes, Eddie Murphy’s only claim to musical fame.

Heidi Montag and her sparkly shoes at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

Terry Crews and wife Rebecca Crews. Those two always look good + happy.

Ciara and her new haircut at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

At first I didn’t recognize Ciara with her new snipped doo..

Ciara at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles

She’s stopping traffic with this look.