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Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store

“Watch the Throne” Pop-Up Store/Private Party: Starring Beyonce

Friday was the first day physical copies of Watch the Throne were available to the public exclusively in Best Buy and Target. You had to get to them early; stores seemed to have a small supply and they went fast.

If you live in New York there was another option.

Yesterday afternoon, word trickled via Twitter that a pop up store was open in Soho. Jay-Z revealed the location.. “201 Mulberry St.” At the store, you can buy the deluxe version of the CD and also look and touch the Maybach Jay-Z and Kanye West chopped up in the “Otis” video.

The store will open again, today from 11 - 8 pm and Sunday from 11 - 6.

With Friday being the first night, it was rumored that Jay-Z would stop in for a visit. I made a quick trip to the store. There was a line down the block. “Otis” was blaring inside the store; it looked and sounded like a club, complete with a velvet rope that wasn’t moving. I saw maybe five people get in the door.

Jay-Z arrived at eight. That’s his chauffered Maybach.

Jay-Z's Maybach outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store

An hour later, packs of people started to come out of the store. The doorman told people in the front of the line that they would be next to get in.

That changed when it was just as quickly announced that Jay-Z had turned it into a private party. Models and VIP folks were inside.

So I hung out outside, took a few pictures..

Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store

Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store

Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store

I was about to head back to Brooklyn, when a truck drove up and I noticed a familiar face. It was Beyonce’s bodyguard.

Sure enough, she got out.

There was no official paparrazi, but you couldn’t tell from all of the cameras flashing.

Right after that Swizz Beatz poked his head out and went back in. Andre Harrell walked in unnoticed. The models from the “Otis” video came out. Everyone was waiting to see Jay-Z or Kanye (Kanye wasn’t there,) but when word came that Jay-Z was leaving, police cleared the block.

Funny enough, people weren’t upset. That Beyonce sighting seemed to make everyone’s night.

Kevin Durant taking a jumpshot in Rucker park

Kevin Durant Catches Fire in Rucker Park

On Monday night, Kevin Durant was in Harlem, NY’s, Rucker Park, taking his talents to the chest of the ballers that play in the Entertainers Basketball Classic tournament. He scored 66 points, just two points short of the 74 point park record held by Joe Hammond.

Kevin Durant said he always wanted to play at Rucker Park, and after the game tweeted, “No lie, jus had one of the best times of my life at Rucker park..wow! I love NY…Harlem waddup.”

You can read all the particulars on ESPN.

Not taking anything away from Kevin’s game - couldn’t do it if I wanted to, he’s a top ten NBA player - but it must be said, there was no defense being played out there.

He dribbles to a spot, aims, makes it, and..

Kevin Durant gets mobbed at Rucker Park

the crowd

Big smile for Kevin Durant at Rucker Park


Thumbs up for Kevin Durant gets mobbed at Rucker Park


Check that shot from the back..


Maybe Mike Diantoni was coaching.