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Serena Williams in Miami Dolphins Gear for NFL Ad campaign

Serena Williams Reps Miami Dolphins in NFL Ad Campaign — It’s Her Team

Quick. What NFL team cut Chad Ochocino after he allegedly head-butted Evelyn Lazado? If you answered the Miami Dolphins, you would be correct. Another question. Do Venus and Serena Williams own a slice of the Miami Dolphins?

The answer to that question is a big, fat yes! I won’t even lean this towards being breaking news. Venus and Serena bought an ownership stake in the Miami Dolphins in 2009. Which is why heading into the 2012 NFL season, Serena Williams is representing the team in the NFL’s new women’s wear ad campaign, appropriately named, “It’s My Team.”

Serena looks good in that ad.

In this recent ESPN article, “Serena Williams on Dolphins, tennis, deals” she said..

“I’m a football fanatic. I’m really involved. I watch everything that’s going on with the team. I really have a big love for football. It’s my favorite sport.”

Let’s go back in time, just before the 2010 Superbowl. Serena was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel and well, said almost the same thing: She loves football.

That’s @ 1:47.

Brandy and Chris Brown smile in put it down video

New Video: Brandy feat. Chris Brown “Put it Down”

Brandy is back with the video for “Put it Down”, her collaboration with Chris Brown. Directed by Hype Williams, it’s splashed with vibrant colors and the high gloss slickness that a singer on Brandy’s level is accustomed to. A few weeks ago Brandy was on The Skorpion Show talking about this video; she said she had to put in some work to keep up with Chris Brown’s dance moves, but any of that awkwardness never hit tape.

The moments are few, but..

Brandy and Chris Brown, taking it down low

Brandy took it down low.

Brandy and Chris Brown, old school move

And then hit him with some old school.

This is a good video, better than I expected, and builds my anticipation for more of the same from Brandy’s new album 211 due for release on October 2.

Karlie Redd in BAPS

Karlie Redd Was a Model in BAPS?

For some reason, I was watching B.A.P.S, —  well, the TV was on while I was doing something else —  I turned to the screen and recognized a familiar face. Is that… Karlie Redd from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?

Grabbed my phone..

Karlie Redd in B.A.P.S

took another look.

Karlie Redd in B.A.P.S

And another..

Karlie Redd in B.A.P.S

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s her. She isn’t credited on IMDB, but I don’t think they pick up non-speaking roles when they list the cast.

Not a big deal, just a funny coincidence. Starz’ producers didn’t deliberately dig through the archives just because a Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta cast member is in it.