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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on a photoshopped Hollwood stage

Tonight’s Democratic Debate Hotter Than the Oscars!

Tonight Obama and Hillary will meet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood for another Democratic debate. They might even shake hands. With John Edwards out of the race there will be no one to hold them back from going at each other’s throats. Edwards didn’t state it explicitly, but he knows the Obama/Hillary fight is what the people want to see.

The Kennedy endorsement was part of it. It’s causing some people to give Obama a second look. Those that were thinking about switching to Edwards, paused for a minute; the ‘default’ Hillary voters are at least listening to see what the Kennedys see in Obama.

He has to have a great showing in the debate to have a chance at swinging those votes or Hillary will definitely lock this nomination.

There are no time limits tonight, and no rules. Anything can happen.

Bob Mulholland, a campaign adviser for the California Democratic Party, told the Hollywood Reporter tonight’s debate is ‘the place to be.’

“This debate is so hot, we’re getting more requests for tickets than the Oscars are getting. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. .”

CNN’s David Bohrman agreed.. “You can see celebrities any day, every day in Hollywood. It’s no big deal. The big draw is Clinton vs. Obama.”

In a current Newsweek article Obama says he’s ready to play offense.

“Do you remember when [Michael] Jordan’s Bulls were playing the Detroit Pistons? They had the “Jordan Rules” [defense]. [The Pistons] would just knock ‘em around. They didn’t care. It wasn’t a pretty sight. But until the Bulls learned to push back, it was going to be hard for them to win. It’s not something I shy away from, but not something I relish. We’re not going to back down. It’s part of what’s at stake here: can we change our politics?”

I would have ended this post with that quote, but I can’t help that he answered the ever present experience question that hovers in the air for a lot of voters.

“The question isn’t who’s ready on day one, but who’s right on day one.

A mythology has been created that somehow just by being there for eight years [in the White House as First Lady], she is going to be better prepared, better organized and exercise better judgment.

But I would put my judgments on foreign policy next to hers over the last four years on Iraq, on Iran, on how would she conduct diplomacy, on Pakistan. I would argue that reflects readiness, not the fact that you sat in the White House or that you traveled to 82 countries.

On domestic policy, the critical issue is the ability to mobilize the American people to move forward. The problem on health care is not the technical one—we all talk to the same experts. The question is who can build working majorities to push this stuff through.

I don’t think any fair-minded observer would suggest that Hillary Clinton is best equipped to break us out of the political gridlock that exists in Washington.”

Gloves off!

Oprah giving bug eyes

The Oprah Sarcophagus: No Clothes for the Sun God

Oprah is already the Queen of all media; think 2500 years in the past, there’s no American public to hypnotize and the center of the world is among the shadows of the pyramids of Egypt. Surely Oprah would have no trouble adapting to circumstances: Queen Oprah would rule with a firm, yet loving touch. When her time to ascend to the sun god inevitably arrived, what would her sarcophagus look like?

Apparently she’d have a little belly roll, hips to hug and let her big breasts free to bathe in the warm desert air.

In fact, why not just go completely nude?

Daniel Edwards an American artist has made a name for himself immortalizing celebrities for the ages. A few years ago he offered up ‘the first Pro-Life monument to birth’ depicting Britney Spears in a pose that looks more like a recreation of the night she got pregnant.

Anthropoid Sarcophagus - Lauren's Travels

This is a common anthropoid sarcophagus

This is THE Oprah Sarcophagus.

If Edwards carved this to spark controversy, I don’t think he succeeded.

Queen Oprah is looking exactly the way you’d imagine she’d look nekked’

Ashanti on stage at Pure Nightclub

Ashanti Performs “The Way I Love You” at PURE in Las Vegas - Part Deuce

Ask and sometimes you’ll receive. As you should know by now, Ashanti performed at PURE in Las Vegas over the weekend. Jayman peeped dude with the ‘big camcorder’ and long behold, a clip from the camera man’s side of the stage is live and popping. Fuzzy as all hell, but it’s the same angle. Guess they’ll save the DVD quality for a bonus feature with the album.

After watching this I’m feeling like betting lunch money she turns hate into love this time around. How much are slices in your town? $2.50? $2.75? Yeah, I got you on that.

Image: (Jstrauss/Wireimage)

Kanye West and Kid Sister at the Planetarium at Central Park NYC

Kanye West Announces Glow in the Dark Tour. Parties with Kid Sister and The Cool Kids

Yesterday Kanye West posted a flyer on his blog announcing the Glow in the Dark Tour ‘co-starring’ his like minded creative freaks, Rihanna, N.E.R.D, and Lupe Fiasco.

Kanye West - Glow in the Dark Tour

Funny thing about this brand new tour is Kanye told MTV about it last May, a few months before Graduation was released. Let’s assume life stepped in the way of making it happen sooner.

Like then, no dates have been announced yet, and it’ll remain to be seen if he follows through on the Madonna connection..

“I’m working with [choreographer/director] Jamie King. I saw the last Madonna concert - he did the last [several] Madonna concerts and so I’ve been sitting down vibing with him, ‘cause I want to bring the level of entertainment up another level. At the end of the day, regardless of the ‘he said/she said,’ regardless of whatever sh—I talk, whatever sh—anybody else talks — come to the show and have a good time.

If he’s in need of an opening act, maybe we’ll get a taste of Kid Sister and The Cool Kids.

Planetarium Central Park NY

Last Friday Kanye showed up at the Planetarium in NY’s Central Park to check out their sold out show.

Kanye West performs at the Planetarium Central Park NY

He also couldn’t resist getting his mic swag on.

Kid Sister performs at the Planetarium Central Park NY

Kid Sister didn’t mind at all.

The Cool Kids perform at the Planetarium Central Park NY

The Cool Kids

Peace Out from the Planetarium Central Park NY

Ze’ Peace Sign

Flavorpill has mo’ flicks..

Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama: “Ready to be President on Day One!”

This afternoon, Ted Kennedy, one of the most respected men in the Democratic party, gave Barack Obama his official stamp of approval. It’s a key endorsement, giving Barack Obama a much needed credibility pump. The last few weeks Barack Obama has campaigned against two people: Hillary and Bill Clinton. You’ve heard about Bill Clinton’s Jesse Jackson comment. Funny thing was he said it in response to a question about Barack Obama having to run against the two of them. You’d think he’d want to answer that accusation instead.

It’s a media war in this political game, and the Clintons, plural, have effectively tag teamed Barack Obama with swift boat kicks to the body; taking jabs and then playing the victim; all things that stick in the media but the answers are never heard because they require more than a sound bite. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement not only gives Barack Obama a tag team partner of equal caliber, it helps breathe life to the fact that Barack Obama doesn’t fit into the limited view of those that would label him as a “black president” and all the baggage that’s held in the past. Barack Obama is a man that happens to be black, with new ideas, and a vision for how things can be.

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy took the stage first, saying Barack Obama reminded her of JFK, “Over the years I’ve been deeply moved by the people who’ve told me that they wish they could feel inspired and hopeful about America. The way they did when my father was president. This longing is even more profound today.
Fortunately there is one candidate who offers that same sense of hope and inspiration and I am proud to endorse Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States.”

Ted Kennedy expanded on that as he laid out his case for President Barack Obama in 2008 and took a slap at the Clinton’s experience assertion, comparing it to JFK and Harry Truman.

Barack Obama thanked the Kennedy’s for their endorsements. He started soft but finished with a hammer as he talked about Ted Kennedy and the JFK legacy.