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Kanye West and Amber Rose in golden hooded dress at Chanel Haute-Coutore fashion show in Paris

Kanye West + Amber Rose’s Golden Aqua Girl Dress @ Paris Fashion Week

When Kanye West hooked up with Amber Rose he found the perfect, wacky chick to be his sidekick. Believe it or not, when Kanye’s not yanking microphones from the eager hands of teenage pop stars; crushing the cameras of slow footed paparazzi; or pounding his chest, screaming he’s the best to ever do it besides SC; Kanye West is a relatively quiet person — especially at a high-falutin event like a Paris fashion show. Yesterday, Kanye West and Amber Rose were snapped at the Chanel Haute-Couture show in Paris. It’s fashion week there.
Solo dolo, Kanye’s going to play the straight man. That’s not particularly flick worthy or interesting.

Kanye West and Amber Rose strike a pose at Chanel Haute-Coutore fashion show in Paris

Enter Amber Rose and her flashy, offbeat style and you’ve got someone who gives the man some flavor for the night.
How can you not love that golden, hooded dress? She looks like Aqua girl having a night out. With Mr. West in designer duds and A.B. on shine. I say win, win, fin! Get it? . Never mind.

Wyclef in suit at Yele Haiti press conference

Wyclef Tearfully Takes on Claims Against Yele Haiti (Video)!

On the heels of the earthquake in Haiti, Wyclef posted a message on Twitter to send $5 in support to Yele Haiti, his charity organization which was established in 2005. The response was tremendous, since then Yele Haiti has collected several million dollars. The climb up the Twitter trends and attention on CNN got the interest of dirt digging site, The Smoking Gun. Last week, they posted Yele Haiti’s 2005 - 2007 tax returns and questioned why Yele Haiti expensed a little over $400,000 to companies that Wyclef has a personal interest in. The implication being Wyclef is skimming money from the charity’s fund.

On Saturday, Wyclef returned from Haiti to denounce the accusations. He posted a message on Youtube explaining the money to the production companies were a part of operating expenses. If a concert is held, lights, equipment, etc., must be paid and the charges to Yele Haiti were all below market rates.

One might still ask if the production company need be one Wyclef is also associated with, but in a new CNN article “Wyclef Jean tearfully defends charity” they say there is nothing mysterious about the expenses.. “tax experts say it’s routine for individuals to charge their own charities, so long as services are being provided in return. ‘The tax rules do not prohibit related party transactions,’ said Marcus Owens, former chief of the IRS unit that oversees non-profits.”

Those tax experts do question why the charity filed 2005 - 2007 tax returns late. This afternoon at a press conference, Hugh Locke, president of Yele Haiti admitted, “We should have been on top of it; we were not.” Wyclef added, “Yele’s books are open and transparent, and we have a clean bill of health by an external auditor every year since we started.”

You can see the press conference here. Yes, CNN described it correctly, Wyclef gives a tearful explanation of his love for Haiti and the accusations against his charity.

As with any ‘scandal’ it’s easy to throw mud and tear someone down, but when the truth requires more than 5 minutes or 2 paragraphs it’s unfortunately lost to the scattered attention spans of the day.

Personally, I appreciate Wyclef’s openness and barring any more ‘questionable’ information, stand by him on this.

Keke Wyatt in a grey and black striped shirt, setting the record straight

Keke Wyatt Talks Who Knew + Steak Knives vs. Apple Peelers

Who knew Keke Wyatt was back on the scene? A little [unclever] play on words. Keke Wyatt’s new album Who Knew? comes out on February 23rd. Backed by indie label Shanachie records, the song and video for the first single “Who Knew” is pretty damn good.

It’s been nine years since Keke Wyatt’s debut album Soul Sista and she hopped back in the booth, looking like she never left and sounding like she never should have vamoosed.

I will admit, although Soul Sista went platinum, I cannot tell you what song got her noticed in the 90’s, you probably couldn’t either - let’s go 80 - 20. Most of us only remember Keke Wyatt because she stabbed her husband. She was indicted but the charges were eventually dropped. She and her husband remained together for ten years. This year, Keke Wyatt says she is getting (or was) divorced because the fighting and life threatening situations have not stopped.

In the public’s mind, time is no barrier to widely, unconfronted scandal; in an interview with Shuddup.com Keke Wyatt spoke on that question everyone wants the answer to.

What happened and did she really stab dude with a steak knife?

Short answer: “Yes, I did.” Kind of..

“I put it on my kid’s life, that was the smallest knife you’ve ever seen. It was a pairing knife. Like what you peel a little apple with and no bigger than my pinkie. I swear to God may I die right now if I’m lying. I just wanted to *ugh* you know..  If you back a dog in the corner he gonna come out biting. I had the knife and I was like, “get away, move!”  So yes I did. I did what I had to do.”

“I do not promote violence because it is not the way, because I am a Christian woman and I do know the right way to live, but I will tell you, don’t let nobody kill you. I refuse to let somebody kill me. That’s why I have let ten years come to a close. This last time, I thought it was the end of my life and I had to get out.”

What’s next? She’s doing a reality show, maybe you’ll see it on BET (my thought), stage plays, acting gigs, modeling. Hustling, baby.

Check her eyes and animated mood swings during that interview, mess with Keke at your own risk, she’s got that crazy switch.

Lil Kim in tan fur and leather jacket on stage at M2 Mansion

Lil Kim @ M2 Mansion: Going Hard in 2010?

Last night, the Queen Bee, Lil Kim took the stage at M2 Mansion in NYC, which attracted a cast of characters and adoring fans that know and love her from the indelible Bad Boy era. It has to be nice to still have name recognition in the industry — Lil Kim was a big hit on Dancing with the Stars — but for her actual music career to be on a flat line? That’s something else. Her last album The Naked Truth was released nearly five years ago. Wiki word is in 2009 Kim was working with the Trackmasters (Poke and Tone), but the project crumbled over creative differences.

Kim is reportedly still in the studio, sketching out an as yet untitled album to be released this year. No info on what label she’s signed to; should be Puff (Diddy’s), but that’s another story.

Apparently all that work and backroom haggling can drive a girl to drink.

Funkmaster Flex Flex functioned as her enabler.

Lil Kim grabs a bottle of Rose champagne

Lil Kim takes a drink

Lil Kim takes a drink of Rose champagne to the head

Lil Kim with a mouthful of Rose champagne

That’s called experience. wink

Here’s Lil Kim’s remix mash of Rihanna “Hard”.

> Nicki? Not in 2010.
Images: (Nunez/Wireimage)

The Obamas step off Marine One returning from Hawaiian vacation

The Obamas: Back to the White House

After watching Michelle Obama make a guest appearance on the Food Network’s Iron Chef challenge over the weekend, it occurred to me that the Obama girls haven’t been pictured in awhile. Maybe they found their comfort zone, tucked away with school interests and whatever else White House kids get into. Kick that to the curb. Straight from the White House is a photo of the first family returning from their Hawaiian vacation yesterday. It’s still amazing that Obama pulled off the unknown community organizer 04’ DNC convention speech to Senator to leader of the Free World triathlon. If you look close you can see his hair getting a little frosty up top. Bill Clinton and George Bush went through the same transformation. You know, because the gig is so easy. *joke*