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Nicki Minaj with pink hair, big eyes and yellow lipstick

Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe” Video: Good Visuals, Terrible Song + Delays New Album

On Friday, Nicki Minaj debuted her video for “Stupid Hoe,” the brain-draining single off her sophomore album Roman Reloaded. The video, directed by Hype Williams, who knows a thing or three about translating animated rappers to the screen, is colorful, flashy and multiplies Nicki’s persona to eleven. That’s the good. The bad? “Stupid Hoe” will be known as one of the worst songs of 2012. Yeah, we’re only 22 days into this thing, but meet the first person on the list.

What is Nicki talking about? Who is she talking about? Why did she choose such a negative title and chorus for a single? This is a high profile, launch her into the new year song and this is what she came up with? It’s a mystery and honestly, kind of sad.

Nicki Minaj crouched <br />
behind behind yellow bars

Nicki Minaj has the talent to spit verses and craft songs with purpose, but she made a conscious decision to cater to a younger crowd, which is fine, but she’s disrepecting them by making dumb music like this, because, well this is what they/you understand.

It’s the wrong path to take. Nicki Minaj may ring up a million as soon as the box pops open for her new album, but check the dislike slide on YouTube;  search Twitter for the overwhelming negative response to this song; even better..


listen to one of her Barbs/fan express her dissapointment.

Nicki Minaj/ Young Money could be paying attention to the response, she is reportedly delaying the release of Roman Reloaded to add some “mixtape Nicki” to it. That said, it’s too bad they couldn’t have trashed the “Stupid Hoe” video completely; live on the web, it is an oozing wound for her image.

Jay-Z, happy as can be

Jay-Z Records “Glory” for Blue Ivy Carter: His Greatest Creation

She’s not a week old, but with the congratulatory mentions, rumors and yes, haters, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter is the talk of the internet. Just hours ago, Jay-Z added to the conversation; he posted a song called “Glory” to mark his happiness about Blue’s entrance to the world.

The chorus expresses it succinctly, “The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe my feeling for real. Maybe I’ll paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you.”

Glory Feat. B.I.C. by RocNation

It’s also on his Life + Times site.

Congrats on the - sure to be- rock star.

Dawn RIchard on 106 and Park

Dawn Richard Debuts “Save Me From You” on 106 and Park

Yesterday, Dawn Richard visited 106 and Park to debut “Save Me From You,” the first official single and video from her upcoming debut album GoldenHeart. The video compliments this heartfelt ballad nicely; Dawn explained the concept of the song during her appearance.

“I was going through something really, really bad and instead of me trying to keep things private, I like to give my vulnerability, make it strong, and put it out there. And I feel like there’s a lot of people who pretend to be a hero, but they really are the villains in this story. From female to dude, ya’ll can relate to that. Whether it’s your best friend, your boss, or just the person standing next to you, and I wanted to tell that story. That the hero isn’t always what you think he is or she is.”

After a long time of ‘paying dues’ it looks like Dawn is on her way.