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Stylish > Rihanna’s Summer Gothic Look

Over the weekend Rihanna was out doing some shopping in West Hollywood. Normally I love her style, but this outfit is questionable mainly because..

..of the boots. It is June, and I am pretty sure that it is summertime in L.A. I know her feet have got to be hot. Aside from the outfit, I do love her Chanel sunglasses and headband. Both items are right her style alley, and look great on her.

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Blu Cantrell in a funky leopard print leotard

Stylish > Blu’s WTF Style

Blu Cantrell recently was seen rockin’ this get up. It appears that for Blu, Halloween came early this year and she decided to go as Peg Bundy a la Married With Children.

She looks a hot mess, and is in need of a fashion intervention fast.

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Angela Simmons in Los Angeles

Stylish > Steal Angela Simmons Style

Angela Simmons was spotted out and about over the weekend in L.A. Angela was looking very cute and casual in this look. Her style was a mixture of a little punk with a sprinkle of chic.

Angela Simmons in Los Angeles

I think her neon ballet flats are hot. The pop of color makes her look not so generic and boring. Below are some options for you to steal her style for less.

Black Tote bag

Jessica Simpson Pacha Small Tote $98.00

Yellow Neon flat

Jessica Simpson Maloles Ballet Flat $50.00

Pink and black Neon flat

Luichiny Corin Ballet Flat $78.95

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Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex to the Young Bucks of the Industry: You’re a Hamburger!

The 50 Cent and Young Buck situation has settled with Young Buck’s closest ‘friends’ choosing to ride with 50 Cent; close, as in, I saved his life, but if his Bentley is repo’d, that’s the game. It should be no surprise that Funkmaster Flex is on 50 Cent’s side. He’s always going to sit where the VIPs are sipping the finest and stacking towerful paper.

Flex took a break during his HOT 97 radio show to give some advice to the stars. To 50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z ..  >> Stop putting on snausages.
To Young Buck and T-Pain (Flex said T-Pain has the potential to flip).. Don’t get it twisted, you’re a hamburger and will always be a son.

Funkmaster Flex - You’re a Hamburger


Young Buck is still as it though. Here’s a clip of him at Rocket Nightclub over the weekend.

Young Buck Still Getting at 50 - Rocket Nightclub, June 29


Rick Ross

Rick Ross Bucks Foxy Brown Engagement: I’m Married to the Money

For the past couple of weeks rumors have floated that Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are a couple. Not only have they hooked up, Foxy Brown is supposedly moving to Miami to be closer to “the boss.”

The latest (and greatest) is that Rick Ross asked Foxy Brown to marry him and she accepted; Ross and Fox are on the cover of the new Hip-Hop Weekly with all the littered details.

MTV caught up with Rick Ross in L.A. and popped the question. He didn’t deny they were a couple, but he waved the engagement off,
“Nah, nah, nah. The engagement is just speculation. I’m married to the money.”

Foxy Brown fresh out of Rikers Island

What I find amazing is Foxy Brown hops fresh out of jail and not a second later, ‘snags’ one of the hottest rappers of the moment. As if Rick Ross doesn’t have ‘any’ ass available on call. Is the Na Na that ill? <

< *da da da dun*

Foxy Brown has a song on Elephant Man's new mixtape called "She Want a Rude Boy" (It's lifted from Brookyn's Don Diva.)
Foxy talks rapturously about her love for drug dealers, killers, and ballers. Something I'd ordinarily leave on the table, but I guess with this Rick Ross thing, it confirms - self-destructive as it may be - she's at least speaking from the heart.

Foxy Brown “She Want A Rude Boy”

Elephant Man’s mixtape is an official Bad Boy freebie

Elephant Man - Bad Boys mixtape

- get it here.