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Don Cheadle - Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda Flashback. Sudanese President Speaks on Darfur

It was only three weeks ago that I got around to watching Hotel Rwanda. Oh, the DVD has been sitting on the shelf for months, just never had the urge to sit still for two hours of dry toast drama. What changed? I don’t know, why does the wind blow up the street on Thursday, Friday it’s on the ave? Nature’s guidance. Just felt like time.

Slid in the DVD and understood completely why Don Cheadle was nominated for Best Actor in 2005.

Don Cheadle depicts the real life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager that sheltered African refugees during the Rwanadan genocide.

Sounds really exciting, huh? Actually it was. The director made an effort to focus the story on Don Cheadle’s (Paul Rusesabagina’s) personal story, with the politics and cause of the genocide used as a backdrop. Don Cheadle’s confusion and concerns are completely relatable. Plop. It feels like you’re dropped in the middle of the insanity.

The Rwandan genocide killed over 800,000 people.

Not in some far off date in a dusty history book.. it was 1994.

What did the United States do.. the world.. twiddle their thumbs.

What were “WE” doing.. I don’t know.. partying to Ready to Die.

How ironic is that? *laugh*

The cause of the genocide was complex. Do the BBC?

The dummies version:The genocide was preceded by a civil war. When the president was killed the fighting spread to the civilian population.. more like slaughter of unarmed, helpless people. Africans (The Hutus) killing each other because those (Tutsis) Africans are inferior and the cause of Rwanda’s problems.

They need to be exterminated machete and rifle style.

The ridiculous thing is Hutus and Tutsis look and speak the same language.

Follow the same customs.

Who introduced the idea of one group being superior over the other? Belgium. From BBC..  “When the Belgian colonists arrived in 1916, they saw the two groups as distinct entities, The Belgians considered the Tutsis as superior to the Hutus. Not surprisingly, the Tutsis welcomed this idea.”

If that’s true, I don’t know when the tables turned and the Tutsis became ‘cockroaches.’

Anyway, the movie indirectly asks how the killing of of an estimated 800,000 - 1,000,000 people could occur while the world’s leaders pretended like it wasn’t happening or they couldn’t do anything. The United States position was they would only interfere as much as it affected U.S. interests.

You know.. oil, imagined weapons of mass destruction.

What’s crazy is the same scenario is playing itself out in the Sudan.

I wrote a blurb on it a couple years ago. Honestly forgot about it. It isn’t talked about on TV. Doesn’t come up during political roundtables. Then you look on the net and there it is.. today’s New York Times.

According to that story, 200,000 have died over the last four years. 2.5 million displaced and 4 million in need of assistance.

I shouldn’t say it’s never on TV.

A week after watching Hotel Rwanda. The Today Show did an interview with the Sudanese President. Crazy sense of deja vu.

Killing? What killing?


eve - giant magazine

Eve in Giant Magazine: Talks Vanilla Dates, Sex Tapes and Hip-Hop’s Pulse

With Eve on the tube and movie screens for the past 3 - 4 years, it wouldn’t be a crime to think of her music career as dead and buried. Signed to Aftermath since 2002 she’s finally ready to release “Here I Am.” You know what that means?.. The magazine, blog and TV publicity flood cometh forth.

Miss Jeffers is on the cover of this month’s Giant magazine.

Eve - Giant Magazine cover

With a ton of photos but the article was surprisingly just as thorough.

Chunks and Nuggets

Hip-Hop’s pulse rate and the snap rap stylings.

“For me it all started with [D4L’s] ‘Laffy Taffy.’ When I first heard that song on the radio, I just knew it was a joke, but then I kept hearing it. Every artist has the right to do what they want, but I don’t believe in making that kind of music. It’s disposable.”

“Hip-hop is in cardiac arrest, but I think it’s revivable. it’s not that I’m so profound, rhyming about when Jesus came down or anything, but I take the time to sit down and make sure my words come together so they sound right and flow with the track. I think a lot of that is missing.”

Her album. 12 songs deep. Produced by Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Swizz, Cool and Dre. Collabo with Akon. Sup with three reggae-ish songs?

“Before my mom bought me a CD player, I was listening to Buju Banton and Super Cat tapes. Reggae has always been my thing, and recently, I’ve started listening to a lot of Brazilian music, too. I love the instruments and vocals, but I wish I understood what they’re saying.”

What happened to her TV show?

“There was a lot of politics going on at UPN with the black sitcoms and with Will Smith’s show [All of Us], so I had a feeling we weren’t coming back. There are no guarantees in television, and they don’t even give you a heads up. The show ended two seasons shy of syndication eligibility and was sold to TV One.”

A year ago she broke up with the son of a Guinean dictator, Teodorin Nguema Obiang.. “I’d rather not talk about it. We met through mutual friends, and we were together for three years. It was a good relationship”.. she’s single and dating.

What about the vanilla flavored homies?

“Oh, that’s just my homeboy, Matthew. We’re just friends” ... But..
  “I’m going to love who loves me, and if I’m attracted to a person I’m attracted to them. I’ve had black men, especially industry types say to me, ‘Oh, I heard you were dating someone white? No, but if I was, it would be my choice, so stay out of my business. They don’t like when I say that to them though.”

2005 leaked sex tape

“I was hurt by it, but what kept me calm is the fact that it was my boyfriend. Not that I wanted people to see me having sex, but it wasn’t like I was getting gangbanged - that would have been crazy!”

The future?

“Eventually, I want to completely move into moviemaking because it is a pretty stable life. Music is unfortunately, getting crazy. I mean, rock stars don’t even have longevity and music is just - hip-hop, especially - so...superficial.

“There’s nothing special.
There’s not one hip-hop artist that I can say is special…There are some that are definitely better than others, and that’s my personal opinion, you know? But if I had a child, I wouldn’t let them watch TV, and I would not let them listen to the radio. As far as the videos go, and all that.. I just can’t.”

Pick up Giant Mag if you see it. Got a Joss Stone, Young Buck interview and more.. they’re showing promise with the urban ‘hipster’ thing.

sanjaya malakr

American Idol: It’s Sanjaya Malakr’s World

I’ve never been able to sit through an entire American Idol season. The songs and style of singing make it unbearable. For the most part I watch the goofballs during the auditions and try to guess which one of the many faces with actual voices will be among the final 12, if not the winner.

Last night I checked in to see how Diana Ross was going to contribute.. and see new Idol Sensation Sanjaya Malakar.

First of all, if there is any justice Melinda Doolittle will be the winner.

2nd - LaKisha Jones.

Blake Timberlake could make some noise.

Simon, Paula and Yo Dog killed him last night, but I was feeling Blake’s electro-funkdafied update.

Not serious about him.

Most of the ‘singers’ sound terrible. They’re flat, lifeless, but not lacking in confidence. Which is crazy because Melinda can sing and she always has her mouth open in shock when people tell her she can.

Throw in the little porn girl that got kicked off last week, a lot of the contestants look the part, but sound horrendous, awful, like shit, to use Cowell speak. You gotta believe either the real singers are taking a different route to platinum or talent just doesn’t matter anymore. Get your sunglasses and barechested Rich Boy on.

It’s not entirely Idol’s fault, leave the vote up to ‘the people’ and eventually the Jennifer Hudson’s get kicked to the curb and your Sanjaya Malakar’s are wiggling around the big stage, because, well, they’re funny to watch.

This kid is shit.

He murdered a Diana Ross classic.

American Idol is supposed to be a serious competition.

Here lil Sanjaya is doing a cruise ship act.

He’d be a big hit at the office Christmas party… but performing for 20 million viewers?

Ahh.. but then you see his little smile, eyes peeking from under that week’s freshly sprayed hairdo, a youthful innocence and naive enthusiasm.. “Ain’t no mountain highhhh enoughhhh..” you get wrapped up in it.

He’s so terrible people are cheering him on.

Like the 12th man that comes off the bench in a basketball game with a few minutes to go, doesn’t matter how many bricks he’s laying, the crowd is behind him on every shot.

You’re not gonna win with that guy on the court for four quarters.

As I write this an American Idol vote monitoring site  is predicting that Sanjaya survives tonight’s vote. He’ll receive the most votes after Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle. He gets third place!?!

If Sanjaya goes deep into the competition - 8 to 6 deep - American Idol’s credibility will be barbecued. Done. And all the little teenage girls voting for him - it has to be them and a little Indian pride mixed with the “how funny would that be’s” - will make that happen, thinking it’s cute.
I don’t know about cute, but it would be funny. Imagine the final two is Sanjaya and Melinda?

That’s when I get to txting.. you know you want to hear a Sanjaya album.