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Kalenna Harper in an African head dress.

Kalenna “Chamber of Diaries” Mixtape [download]

When Diddy formed Dirty Money we knew Dawn, but who was that chick to his left with the half-shaved dome? Where did she come from? How did she fast-forward past the cheesecake runs on Making the Band and still make the big come up? Those questions were answered. But even with Kalenna’s success in Dirty Money, when they broke up, Kalenna storming stages as a solo artist wasn’t a serious thought. What would that sound like?

Kalenna in nothing but body paint and an african head dress.

Well that question has been answered. “Chamber of Diaries” proves she is bonafied talent. It sounds organic. Nothing forced. Perfectly seasoned production with edgy bits, balanced by Kalenna’s smooth vocals, thought-through lyrics and the occasional rap that kept my attention from tracks 1 - 17.

Outside of business/paperwork, I see zero, zip reasons why this isn’t her official debut album. It’s that good and the music industry/we need new faces on the scene.

Kalenna, Chamber of Diaries cover

That’s for them to figure out. Right now, enjoy!

Kalenna “Chamber of Diaries”[download]

Trina and celeb stylist June Ambrose (and her assistant)  in Styled by June

Trina’s New Single “Outer Space” +  Mohawk on Styled by June

You know what happens when you grow up? You look at pictures from your past and ask, “what was I wearing?” Trina is in that stage of her life and career; when her younger self doesn’t exactly represent her anymore. So with a new album on the way, she called superstar stylist June Ambrose for a makeover. The results were revealed on the second episode of VH1’s Styled by June.

Trina and June Ambrose giving their thighs a stiletto workout

June’s first piece of advice? Give those thighs a stiletto workout. June then shocked her with a new doo suggestion: a Mohawk down to her butt. Trina was understandably uneasy, but the motto with stylists is, “in your hands I trust” - otherwise, why be there?

Styled By June

The Mohawk was for a Paper Mag photoshoot and interview - Trina Gets a New Look Courtesy Of Stylist June Ambrose” She discusses working with June Ambrose and the sound of her new album.

Trina rocking the Mohawk as June Ambrose tightens her belt

“I’ve done five albums with so many different looks and I just think that this time with the music and the sound—it’s a lot of Euro, it’s a lot of techno, it’s a lot of house and dance and I think that the look has brought out a different phase in me. It’s easy to do a sexy record, it’s easy to do a raw explicit record, it’s easy to do a pretty love ballad but I just wanted to try something different. I love dance music, I love techno, I love that and I’m in these different spots and I’m performing and everything is like fist pumping and so it just gets you crazy and erotic and wild.”

That explains the sound of her new single “Outer Space” feat. Kid Cadet & Vinny Venditto

 Trina - Outerspace feat. Kid Cadet & Vinny Venditto cover

I like this. Sure, it’s light years away from “Naan”, but it’s not 1998.

Azealia Banks in her strawberyy Moschino dress

Azealia Banks Performs at Chanel and Japan Pop Up Store

Last night, Azealia Banks was in Tokyo to perform as the featured artist at the Chanel and Japan pop up store opening celebration. The young Harlem native is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite new artists. He blessed her with a customized “212” inspired sweater; had her perform at a private party at his home in Paris; and now flys her to Japan to expose the beautiful people to that new-new.

Azealia Banks on stage at the Chanel and Japan Pop Up store party

Video: Chanel and Japan Pop Up Store.

And check out her performance at Karl Lagerfeld’s house.

Not sure what XXL was thinking by not including her in their 2012 freshman class. Azealia Banks’ debut on Universal “Broke With Expensive Taste” is one this year’s more anticipated albums. Kanye West follows five people on Twitter, Azealia Banks is one of them.

It doesn’t get much fresher than the YUNG RAPUNXEL.