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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Aubry at the Topanga County Fair

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Kiss: Blame it on the Goose (?)

Go ahead, you explain this one to me. That’s Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, and their kid, last Sunday at the Topanga Days County Fair in Topanga, California. Six days later (last night,) Halle Berry was honored with Spike TV’s Decade of Hotness award. Jamie Foxx presented Halle Berry with the - let’s admit it - meaningless award. What happened next can only be explained, jaw dropped, with pictures..

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx kiss at Spike TV awards

I can’t count the number of times over the past year I’ve seen pictures of Halle Berry and asked where her baby daddy was? Their couple/family shots are spotty at best. I wondered if they were still together. Guess not. Seriously, does she go home/take the call and tell Gabriel to relax, it’s just show biz? Halle must be working on that second Oscar: Jamie’s cupping ass, she’s cupping jewels.

Maybe there was something to this random Halle Berry/Jamie Foxx sighting at the Soloist premiere.

Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry at The Soloist premiere

I’m sure they will both be asked what the deal is, sooner than later. Til then, you can blame it on the goose, gotcha feeling loose ...

Tyrese and Toni Braxton celebrate Memorial Day at the Bellagio Hotel

Tyrese and Toni Braxton @ Bank Nightclub: I Love My Life!

If you were going to a party this weekend, last night was the night to do so. Tyrese and Toni Braxton were among many people celebrating Memorial Day — Sunday night style — at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Tyrese must have had one hand on a drink and his Blackberry/iPhone in the other. Only one hand necessary for him to caption the picture up top.. “Poppin with Sexy Ass Toni Braxton!.. Damn I Love my life!.. She has unbroken my heart!.. LoL!..”

Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxtontest caption

He got that right, can you believe Toni Braxton is 41? Sitting next to Toni is her 29-year-old sister, Tamar. Not much of a drop off. Ha!

Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton


Images: (Truscello/Wireimage)

Charles Hamilton and Briana

This Just In.. Charles Hamilton and Briana Make Up

With people worldwide laughing and pointing fingers at Charles Hamilton getting his chin checked, the people over at Hood News decided to bring their cameras back in focus to let everyone know two things: Briana is his girlfriend and they made up shortly after the clip faded to black. Also, Charles found his canine tooth. I’m sorry, that joke was *right there*

Although I joked about Chris Brown, dude is right, it’s a good thing he didn’t lump her up in return. It was clear, during their back and forth, she was stung by his words. So as a man, you take that one. That said, look at Briana while Charles is searching for the right words to apologize with. She switches from hot to cold at a snap of a finger.
Charles, be nervous, be very afraid and very nervous. Next time it’s not gonna be a punch, you’ve got a potential family jewel snipper/glue it to the leg type chick on your hands.

I’m guessing he’ll just watch his mouth. Ha!

Charles Hamilton punched in the face by a girl

Charles Hamilton Punched in the Face by a ‘Brooklyn Girl’

What’s more humiliating for Charles Hamilton? While wearing pink accessories, a chick who doesn’t rap (‘I write poetry’,) beats him in a freestyle or the same female gives him a five finger biscuit to the face? Either way it’s not a story he’ll want to tell. In this clip, Charles Hamilton and “Briana” are talking on the street. Even though it’s midstream, by the conversation it’s clear they recently had a little tumble in the sheets, which also has given birth to the one-sided idea that they now have a budding relationship. Ah, young love.

Charles Hamilton asks Briana how great it is for her to bask in his vanglorious aura. A question she answers by saying she’s sick of his game playing and whips out her Blackberry. To vent her frustration about his ‘games’ she wrote a poem/rap.

Charles Hamilton in a battle with the Blackberry Princess'

Let’s battle!

Charles didn’t have to worry about Briana’s freestyle, she had nothing for him there, but he wasn’t ready for what would happen after he spit lines like..

Charles Hamilton battling his former chick

“Ok, call me irresponsible and immature, but you’re beautiful, what the hell else would I hit it for?”..

Charles Hamilton battling his 'former chick' - off the top

and reminiscing about diving in sans Lifestyle, Trojan, you know, without…

Charles Hamilton gets punched in the face by a girl


Charles Hamilton gets punched in the face by a girl

Yo, I laugh at this after every replay. Charles looks stunned, slightly wobbly, he’s checking for blood and stammers the obvious.. “You punched me, though..” Well.. “How could you put my f*ckin business out there like that?”

This guy is no Chris Brown; she was in his face until the fade. Ha!  I think Charles will be reevaluating those ‘Brooklyn’ girls or at least ducking the next time he talks slick.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith at Hammerstein Ballroom

Will Smith Takes on Hurricane Katrina Story: John Keller

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were guests at a Turner broadcasting industry event last night, held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Be honest, outside of the Obamas, they are easily the best looking black celebrity couple on the map. You know, it’s that positive glow. On the action/cut side aka how they eat for a living, Jada will executive produce/star in the hospital drama Hawthorne on TNT premiering June 16. Jada plays Christian Hawthorne, the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital. Get your sneak peek on over there.

On the big screen, Will Smith’s Overbrook Ent. and Sony Pictures are all set to revisit New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The movie will tell the story of John Keller. A hulking 6-foot 7, 260 pound,  ex-Marine, John Keller helped rescue 244 people after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city. Will Smith is only listed as a producer for the project, but a snapshot of Keller’s story from Nola.com reads like it’s perfect for him..

John Keller on cell phone. Hurricane Katrina

John Keller was hanging out in his apartment at the American Can Company on the Wednesday after Hurricane Katrina when he heard an explosive noise at his door—slow and rhythmic.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” is the way he recalls it.

Somebody, he figured, was trying to kick down his door.

Keller’s instinct was to outsmart the intruder. So he got the timing down and then, just as the next kick was about to fall, he flung open the door. A young man about 25 years old came staggering through it, followed by two others. They were people from the neighborhood who had been in the building for a couple of days by then, people who came to seek refuge and wound up stuck in the place.

“He fell in my door and hit the floor, ” Keller says. “Rabble-rousers, kicking down doors to get what they could get, ready to seize control.

“I marched them out of the building and told them to stay out. I followed them out to the gate. I didn’t care if they couldn’t swim.”

That moment was a turning point for Keller.

It was then he began to emerge as the man in charge at the Can Company, a solid, five-story building that normally houses about 500 mixed-income residents, many of them elderly or handicapped.
Isolated by the water that rose 11 feet and crept into the lobby the day after the storm, the building became a tiny kingdom unto itself on Orleans Avenue in Mid-City. For five days, Keller was its undisputed monarch.
- Ex-Marine John Keller shepherded hundreds to safety following Katrina

Yeah, that’s a Will Smith movie.