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Gary Coleman sporting a black leather jacket and sunglasses

Gary Coleman Passes Away: “What’choo talkin’ bout, Willis?”

Talk about one minute you’re here, the next you’re gone. It was just a few hours ago that I was checking on Gary Coleman’s health status. After falling and hitting his head, he was suffering from a brain hemorrhage and was put on life support. I optimistically believed he’d pull through. What a shock to find his spirit decided it had enough and made the trip to Heaven’s Gates. Gary Coleman was 42 years old.

Gary Coleman was beloved on Diff’rent Strokes; correction, Gary Coleman was Diff’rent Strokes. His character, Arnold, with those pudgy cheeks, the lovable smile, who knew what the story lines were about, every episode you’d wait for it.. wait for it..

“What’choo talkin’ bout, Willis?”

Standing there, with his arms crossed and lip poked out. It was hilarious every single time.

Life after Diff’rent Strokes wasn’t so kind. Sure, wherever he went he was recognized and adored by people.. “Can I have an autograph?”..

Gary Colema and a Capcom worker and fan

“Dude, let’s take this picture!..” ..

.. but career-wise he couldn’t escape the problem many child stars find when they become adults: the only work offered, if any, are roles that play off what they’re known for. It didn’t help that he had to sue his parents for screwing up his $4 million trust fund.

In 1993, Gary Coleman was awarded $1.2 million in a court ruling, but 6 years later he was broke and filed for bankruptcy. From that point on, he was hustling, just to eat…

Here he is bigging up I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.

Then came a string of uncharacteristic (for Arnold) domestic violence and disorderly conduct incidents. As you’ll see in that commercial, Gary Coleman acquired a reputation for having a bad temper. You can imagine when you have to do things like that, you’d be pissed too.

The love from the people still flowed, and so did his smile.
In 2003, he ran for governor of California and came in 8th place. Not bad. Maybe he should have shortened his ambitions and run for mayor of a small town. Yup, that was a little joke. The only right way to send Gary Coleman off.

Rest in peace, brother.. You know what I’m talkin’ bout.

A very slim 50 Cent posing in a kitchen, 54 pounds lighter

50 Cent aka Slim Fast, Drops 54 Pounds:  “I Was Starving”

50 Cent always finds a way to shock and awe. Most of the time it’s what comes out of his mouth that’s causing a ruckus. This afternoon, it was what his mouth looked like; more precisely - his entire mug.

The picture up top was posted on thisis50.com. He looks like he hasn’t had a meal in weeks. Considering the picture was taken in a kitchen, you’d think somebody would have tossed him a chicken leg, a plate of spaghetti, “Can a brother get a biscuit?”

Block out all talk of drugs and illicit recreation, 50 Cent (aka Slim Fast) lost 54 pounds in preparation for a role in the movie Things Fall Apart. He plays a football player who is diagnosed with cancer. Which explains those crazy looking eyebrows, as well.

How’d he do it? In 50’s words..  “I was starving.”

That picture was taken during filming. Now that the movie’s wrapped, 50’s eating good again. Quail could be on the menu, but I’m guessing cakes and pies are more likely on the end of his fork.

This afternoon, he was in Johnston, South Carolina filming a documentary about his grandparents, called 50’s Roots. Rapper 50 Cent in area to make documentary.

50 Cent leaves Maxwell & Halford drugstore in South Carolina

He looks to be back or close to his normal weight.

Janelle Monae sitting in her dressing room taking a Poland Spring break.

Janelle Monae Speaks on Lauryn Hill and Appreciation for Lady Gaga

It’s been three days since Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid was released; every morning since then I’ve pushed her album to dangerous decibels in my earphones.  I’m fascinated by the level of detail in the music, and ecstatic her creativity was allowed to thrive without restriction. It’s not a collection of 3 minute songs, ArchAndroid is a fun, high concept album, best heard from front to back. In fact, on the first listen, where you’d expect a fade to the next track, instead you’ll find that four songs have seamlessly blended into each other. It’s, pop, dance, jazzy, classical, Broadway theatre, soul and funky, all at once.

With a spot on Erykah Badu’s tour, which begins this Sunday, Janelle Monae is set to become the breakout/most original artist of the year.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Janelle Monae explained how Lauryn Hill’s music influenced her when she was younger; it showed her she didn’t have to ‘sing by the numbers.’

Janelle Monae hopes to be the same influence for young girls today.

She also tapped Lady Gaga as a fellow sister of the free spirit crew.

In case you missed it, this Tuesday, Janelle Monae performed “Tightrope” on The Late Show with David Letterman. Yes, the royal robe is a nod to the Godfather of Soul.

Rihanna at Mahiki bar in London wearing a flesh-toned skirt and light-grey jacket

Rihanna “The Last Girl on Earth” Parties @ Mahiki

And the party don’t stop.. On Monday night, Rihanna performed at London’s O2 arena, for one of the eight dates on the UK leg of her “Last Girl on earth” tour. What does she do after an hour and a half of singing and kinda, sort of dancing? More of the same - this time fueled with alcohol; rum to be exact.

After her O2 show, Rihanna and a friend were spotted at Mahiki, a Caribbean themed cocktail bar she and many other ‘eclectic’ types frequent whenever they’re in London. Rihanna was reportedly partying until 4 in the morning.

Rihanna and a friend in a limo/car at Club Mahiki

To be clear, the girl hiding her face is her friend, dude up top is a bouncer/bodyguard.

And this, is a close up of the bottle of rum they [allegedly] put a hurting on.

close up of a bottle of rum in Rihanna's limo/car

Yeah, we’ll stick with alleged. That bottle could have been sitting in the car before they got in it. *Click* “Look what they drank” or it’s truly two sips forward a future appearance on Celebrity Rehab.

Kerry Washington in purple blouse and black skirt  - The David Letterman Show

Kerry Washington Visits David Letterman + Talks Mother and Child with BlackTree TV

It’s been about a year since Kerry Washington has made news around here, let’s end that streak tonight. Dressed in purple and black, with obligatory star shades, Kerry Washington was spotted, this afternoon, walking into The Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, which will air tonight. This weekend her new movie, Mother and Child, will be in theatres in a limited NY/LA release.

What’s it about? Let’s check the official Sony synopsis..

Almost forty years ago, a young girl of 14 has sex, gets pregnant, and gives her baby up for adoption. Fast-forwarding to the present day, we meet three very different women, each of whom struggles to maintain control of their lives.

Samuel Jackson and Naomi Watts talking over dinner in a restaurant in Mother and Child

There’s Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), a smart and successful lawyer who uses her body to her advantage. Any time she feels that she doesn’t have the upper hand, and cannot control the situation, she uses her sex appeal - whether that be starting a romance with her boss (Samuel L. Jackson) when she suspects he is trying to start one himself, or finding some way to control her overly friendly neighbor and husband.

Annette Bening so happy and sad to see her daughter in Mother and Child

Karen (Annette Bening), meanwhile, is a bitter health care professional who obviously has a lot of heart but never shows it. She gave up a daughter at the age of 14 and has never gotten over it - her bitterness inspiring her to lash out at everyone around her - even the gentle man at work who is undeniably drawn to her.

Kerry Washington and the mother of her soon to be adopted baby in Mother and Child

Finally, Lucy (Kerry Washington) is a woman who has failed to conceive with her husband, so she turns to adoption to make the family she desires.

Yeah, it’s deep stuff.

If you miss/don’t watch David Letterman tonight, here is Kerry Washington ‘on-demand’ talking about Mother and Child on BlackTree TV.