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Meek Mill wearing a Puma sweatshirt greets some kids on the streets of Philly

Meek Mill “Faded Too Long” (Video)

Meek Mill is one of the few rappers I’m waiting to hear from this year. His debut album? It’s still in the pressure cooker; getting those last minute bits of flavor flowing. Until then, Meek touched up Drake’s “The Ride” and made it his own: “Faded Too Long” with reflective lyrics about the kids who are lacking even the basics of life and at the same time putting a frame around his ambitions to make his life different, despite those - the D.A. - who wish him different.

This will likely appear on his soon-to-be-released “Dreamchasers 2” mixtape. If you want to believe Shaheem Reid (and why wouldn’t you) Meek Mill’s album is some of this and more.

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