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Tweet, Charlene Keys

New Music: Tweet “C 4EVA”

Before Twitter’s first Tweet by Jack Dorsey, we knew Tweet as singer, Charlene Keys. Brain fart? You know her from “Oops Oh My” w/ Missy Elliot; although digging for personal favorites, I prefer “Turn Da Lights Off”.

These days, Tweet is signed to Dubose Music Group, working on her third album Simply Tweet. Yesterday she released “C 4EVA”; the third of her #TweetTuesday series; it’s a hint of where her head is at in 2012.

Can we say a very relaxed, chill state of mind? Yes, we can.

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gravatar iconShy- Sat, Jun 30, 2012 - 10:09 pm

I liked Tweet since she first came out and brought her first smash cd. Such a talented and angelic voice. So underrated!!!Do ur thing and glad to see you are making music..I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG!!!!


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