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Beyonce and Lady Gaga, scene from video phone music video

Stylish > Sneak Peek Pics on Beyonce’s Video Phone Set

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Check out these sneak pics from Beyonce’s next music video, “Video Phone.” Lady Gaga will make an appearance in the video which was directed by Hype Williams and shot last weekend in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was a closed set with no cameras or.. video phones.. allowed. Life and Style magazine is reporting that the video is a fashion bonanza: Beyonce wears a feathered dress and Lady Gaga something wild. In their words, the fashion is “sick and insane.”

Beyonce in a black mask, scene from video phone music video

I was no a huge fan of the song, but from the look of these pictures, it looks like it will be hot. Beyonce also looks like she is going for a more Rihanna edgy look. What do you think?

*edit - 11:04 p.m. Here’s the video.

*It’s there. Hover your mouse over the spot*


Charla Nash on Oprah

Charla Nash: Chimp Attack Victim Reveals Face on Oprah

On February 16, Charla Nash drove to a friend’s house in Connecticut for what she thought would be a somewhat easy situation to resolve. Sandra Herold called Charla for help with her chimpanzee that was running wild. When Charla got out of the car she found herself in front of an enraged - and soon to be discovered - drugged chimp that literally ripped her face off. Charla Nash survived the horrific attack.

Oprah was able to convince Charla that people want to see the damage the chimp did to her. This afternoon was the big reveal.

Face-off is not a play on words. Charla no longer has one.

Charla Nash's face after the chimp attack

And no hands (?) Look up top. Yikes.

Charla Nash's face after the chimp attack

This is the face she knew (and loved).

Of course she’s suing for many millions of dollars.

I initially thought this was a horrible self-serving publicity move by Oprah, but Charla Nash not only agreed to appear on the show (didn’t have to,) Charla concluded the interview with a don’t feel sorry for me message for people unsure how to react to her injuries.

“I’m the same person I’ve always been. I just look different. You know, and there’s things that happen in life that, you know, you can’t change it. You know, it’s a tragedy.”

To say she’s a strong woman is an understatement.

Shaq and Shaunie during happier times

Shaq + Gilbert Arenas’s Fiance: Who is Laura Govan?

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard the ins and outs of this story. Twitter version: Shaq’s wife Shaunie is about to slice half. Let me fill some gaps. After separating in 2007, early this year, Shaq and Shaunie reconciled. Shaq looked happy. Shaunie seemed content. Late last week that glow of love was blown away when a leaked email exchange between Shaq and Gilbert Arenas’s fiance and mother of his three kids, Laura Govan, hit the internet.

Some people have questioned the authenticity of the emails. Here is the original as posted by YBF. Just compare Shaq’s Tweet game to the emails. Same problem: his big thumbs mistakenly hitting keys all over his Blackberry.

Shaunie apparently had no doubts. Monday afternoon she filed for divorce, requesting custody of their four children, child support, and of course, a little for herself. I stripped the emails and spellchecked Shaq for your reading convenience.

Mar. 5,  2009

Laura: Just wanted to let you to know I’m here.

Shaq: Where r u?

Laura: In the hotel… About to go to sleep! u?

Shaq: What hotel and what room?

Laura: The Four Seasons, where r u?

Shaq: I just left goin to a party can I come put it in when I get back? What room u n?

Laura: Is Shaunie going with u? N how late?

Shaq: Hell no. I’m back by 1:30. Can I do it tonite and tomorrow after lunch? What floor u on?

Laura: LOL ur crazy! As long as u taste me n make me cum LOL

Shaq: What room?

Laura: So I’ll see you at 1:30 :~) erase all these messages plz.

Obviously, someone didn’t read that last part. Laura is trying to keep this rendezvous on the low from Gilbert Arenas.

Wondering what Laura Govan looks like?

Laura Govan - Gilbert Arenas's fiance

That picture was snapped the day Gilbert Arenas proposed to her. What she was to “Read Out Loud” was, “Will you marry me?”

How about some Laura Govan bio dish? Columbus Urban Life’s got you on that.

“Laura Govan isn’t your typical NBA groupie turned wifey. Laura is an educated woman of African-American, Mexican and Hawaiian decent who comes from a prominent family of nine and grew up in a very affluent Bay area suburb of Orinda. Before getting engaged to Arenas, Laura worked doing PR for the Sacremento Kings, the Los Angeles Lakers and was also Shaq’s personal assistant- which would help to explain how she was able to have a close relationship with Shaq and even befriend Shaunie in the process.”

Read much more there..

Laura Govan is currently pregnant with Gilbert Arenas’s third child.

When she got pregnant the first time, Gilbert Arenas made sure he was the baby’s daddy with some cautionary paternity test action. Laura Govan’s expected delivery date is December 24, 2009. The emails are dated March 5, 2009.

That puts her at exactly nine months/latex close to the due date.

Gilbert might want to dial Doctor Paternity one more time + dead that skip down the aisle.

Halloween 2009 at Brooklyn's NY Perks

A Vampire in Brooklyn: It’s Halloween at NY Perks - Flickerazzi!

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, there was a New Year’s Eve vibe to it: enthusiastic party people at every square foot of club/lounge space in the city - your town included. My Saw inspired, blood splattered, psycho get-up isn’t on record; that’s a whole nother story. But representing the homeplate were the folks at NY Perks in Brooklyn: lots of colorful getups and characters + great flicks by alltheparties.com.

Rashida Jones

Side note, on last week’s Halloween episode of Parks and Recreation, Quincy Jones daughter, Rashida, dressed as Raggedy Ann, reversed the good girl, gone bad theme to brilliant effect.. “Halloween is an excuse for slutty girls to dress up like kittens.”

Not saying that’s what we have here, but I’m sure you caught a personal glimpse of that action last night. Flicks!

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Raggedy Ann

Her Raggedy Ann > than RJ’s? *thumbs up*

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Twins

Like the Palm Pre and iTunes, twins don’t always sync.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Genie, Wonder Woman, a sexy maid

I Dream of Genie, Wonder Woman, and a sexy maid (?).

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Gladiator

Russell Crowe’s one scene co-star in Gladiator 2.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Polka Dot Dress

I once witnessed someone ask a woman if she was pregnant, when, despite appearances, nothing could have been further from the truth. I won’t recreate that moment.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Cat Woman

More Cat Woman than kitten.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Mac 10

Mac 10?

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Mid-Drink Cool

Before the drink hits the system..

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Tipsy


Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Do I Know You?

In the late 90’s, I used to work with this girl.. I think.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Three Strikes

Two strikes, he could have a flashback, “I’m not going back.”

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Kittens

Ohh.. kittens! ..

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Lady Cop and the ghost of Michael Jackson

Cops all over the place + the ghost of Mike Jack.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Jason and a yellow cab victim

Nah, don’t do it.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - American Pimpin

This pic looks like it fell off the pages of the 70’s ~ American Pimpin!

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Jay-Z or Obama

Can’t figure out if dude is Obama, Jay-Z, or a combo of the two. Jobomba!

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Sexy female sailors XXX

Sailors off the good ship XXX.

Halloween at Brooklyn's NY Perks - Meoow

Meoooww. Out!


Gabourey Gabby Sidibe, Precious screening at Pacific Design Center

Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe’s ‘Awesome’ Dating Advice: No BBQ? You Lose

This coming Friday, Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire will finally make its limited public debut in theaters. With all the positive press this movie has generated let’s hope it’s released in your city. Last Wednesday, movie critics and lucky previewers continued to shower praise and approval at the Film Independent screening at The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California.

Gabourey Gabby Sidibe and Lee Daniels at Precious screening at Pacific Design Center

We don’t know what producer Lee Daniels was saying in this picture (aka the guy who cast Halle Berry in her Oscar winning role *cough*,) but in a recent New York magazine story “Living the Life” he was unabashedly complimentary about Gabourey Sidibe, the huge star of Precious. No pun. It seems that some people who saw the film expect Gabby (her preferred moniker) to be a depressed, overweight, mess of a human being. In the article, Lee Daniels said, oh no, “She is unequivocally comfortable in her body, in a very bizarre way. Either she’s in a state of denial or she’s so elevated that she’s on another level.”

In a state of denial? Hah. I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

Gabourey cleared up this Precious vs. Harlem-raised Gabby talk. You see the pose, here’s the tude..

Gabourey Gabby Sidibe in New York Magazine - October 2009

“I’m actually not her (Precious). They try to paint the picture that I was this downtrodden ugly girl who was unpopular in school and in life, and then I got this role and now I’m awesome. But the truth is that I’ve been awesome, and then I got this role.. I know I’m not a piece of shit or some random fat girl.”

Gabourey went on to tell a story about how she keeps boys friends (she doesn’t want to get too serious with them,) and a little dating advice some of you girls might want to pay attention to. “This one guy, I’ve deleted his number. I would text him at 7 p.m., and he’d be like, ‘I’m at BBQ’s.”

Half eaten Barbecue ribs, Saveur magazine via activerain.com

“But the thing is, you don’t go to BBQ’s with your boys, you go with a girl. Then he’d call me at eleven. I’m like, “Why don’t you call me at six when you’re ready to go to BBQ’s?’ Don’t, don’t, don’t! I’m not a regular girl. I just got off a plane from France. You need to check yourself.”