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Teedra Moses smiling during BET interview with Jabari

Teedra Moses Talks New Album “The Lioness” + Being Picky

Cool interview with Teedra Moses by Jabari from BET. They discuss how she got signed to MMG and how she feels being the only female/r&b chick on the label. Teedra writes her own songs and it's very relationship driven, Jabari asked if she draws from her own experiences. Teedra said she's single, o, so single; so it's part reality, part what she sees, splashed with a little fantasy.

“I haven't been in a relationship forever, because I'm extremely picky. I'm not one to jump into relationships quickly. I'm kind of a weirdo, because I love sincerity. That's the main thing with me, honesty. So I don’t do all those little fly by nights, every six months you got a different boyfriend. I kind of stick to myself. But the relationships I had were very meaningful, so I draw from that… and the idea of what it will be when I am with someone.”

You’ll hear all of this next year, on her new album “The Lioness.” Subject matter? Grown woman talk. I'm not a kid.

While you’re here, check out the single “Another Luvr” feat. Wale, from her mixtape Luxurious Undergrind (released in July.)

Swizz Beatz and DJ Dirty Swift in Paris at a Reebok event

Swizz Beatz (Mix Edition) by DJ Dirty Swift: Download This!

What’s this? A seriously complete collection of Swizz Beatz’ finest moments, mixed by Paris’s own, DJ Dirty Swift. There’s a short story behind this, as told by Swift himself..

Swizz Beatz, Dj Swift Mix Cover - he dubbed it, Niggas in Paris

Last week, Swizzy was in Paris. He came to the Auguste Store, and they were playing my Swizzy mix there… After asking to pump up the volume, he asked who it was. Then he saw me mixing at the Reebok’s Afterparty. When I came home, I saw that he loved my mix so much, that he decided to do a cover and post it on his website. I was more than proud.- Swizz Beatz Mix Edition by Dj Swift

Take a quick listen or go ahead and download this! - Swizz Beatz Mix Edition by Dj Dirty Swift

Beyonce addresses fake baby bump rumor

Beyonce Addresses the Fake Baby Bump Rumors: “Oh, Baby!”

One of the more silly rumors out there is Beyonce is paying a surrogate mother to bear her child and to fool the public, she’s strapping padding around her stomach to create a fake baby bump. You know, like in the movies. If she could pull this off I’d say she deserves an Oscar. It all started with this video - Best Proof Ever Beyonce is faking her pregnancy!!.

In typical Beyonce/Jay-Z style, they haven’t given the rumors any attention - until now.

You know, when I watch that again, she isn’t addressing the fake baby bump.  She’s talking about the rumor that she’s wearing a body suit in her videos to make her stomach look flat.

That would be absolutely harmless and who gives a F.

Her reaction here is still legit for the baby bump thing, because it’s laughable. There’s no reason for Beyonce and Jay-Z to create a “Baby Mama” style preganancy hoax, that if it came out, would ruin both of their reputations. Would she do it just to keep her banging body? Me thinks not.

Also, anyone who’s been around a pregnant woman recognizes the glow Beyonce has around her; she’s beaming/happier than I’ve ever seen her. And Jay already has the proud papa look.

Did Beyonce Create More Room for Speculation?

In the video Beyonce says she’s 6 months, but it was recorded in September. That would make her due… right about now. However, Beyonce said she is due in February. The video was released in November, though; which would make the math work. Ha. This will only fuel the rumors…  “Oh, baby!”

T-Pain and Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop in a rap battle

T-Pain Gets Dropped by Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart)

On the eve of the release of his fourth album, Revolver on December 6, T-Pain got word that Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) wanted to step to him for some lyrical warfare. “No problem,” said T-Pain. “My only request is that he stand up when he talk to me.” And so it began. Standing on a street corner in Atlanta, Chocolate Drop showed up with heavy bars.

How heavy?

Woman catching the holy ghost
Caused this woman to catch the Holy Ghost.

Two women about to kiss
Others, deliriously lost themselves in a lesbian moment.

doing the stanky leg?
Think I saw some stanky leg out there too.

Two words: Chicken nuggets.

Jay-Z holding a child

Jay-Z Talks Parenting: Love is Being There + He Will Change the Diapers

Jay-Z was tagged as one of GQ’s 2011 Men of the Year. In the accompanying interview he was asked about his father, Adnis Reeves. Jay has talked and rapped about being hurt when his father left he and his sister and mother. When one has their own kids, there are two paths they can take: repeat the pattern or make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Jay is taking the later, but he says it’s not just about being able to give the kid all the material things and comfortable living that he can afford, it — love — doesn't cost money, it's about being there.

“Providing — that’s not love. Being there — that's more important. I mean, we see that. We see that with all these rich socialites. They're crying out for attention; they're hurting for love. I’m not being judgmental — I'm just making an observation. They're crying out for the love that maybe they didn't get at home, and they got everything. All the material things that they need and want. So we know that's not the key.”

While the young one will be free to choose his/her path in life, they will be privy to the finer aspects of the family business. That will include listening sessions of the classics.

“When the time comes, he'll start with Reasonable Doubt, go from there. There will be a lot of that. And a lot of other records, all pivotal, important records. There'll be Ready to Die, there'll be Illmatic.”

Jay was also asked if her will be changing diapers.

Answer:  Of course, of course. One hundred percent.

One note, I know it's rumored that Bey-Z is a girl, as slipped up by Kelly. In this interview Jay comfortably says he, like in, “New Day” that would be the second time. Hmmm.

Read the full story @ Jay-Z: GQ Men of the Year 2011

Herman Cain takes questions with a smile

Herman Cain Explains Libya Pause + The Parodies Begin

Yesterday, Herman Cain got his wish, the subject changed; reporters moved on from questions about sexual harassment allegations and poked him for explanations about his now infamous, one minute fumble when asked if he agreed with President Obama's handling of Libya. At the one minute mark Cain answered the question with another question.

”Specifically, what are you asking?“

The subject of jokes from coast to coast, Herman Cain tried to get in on the laughter, ”I paused to gather my thoughts. It was a pause. That's all it was, good grief.“ Cain also said he was asked a bunch of questions and then, ”someone asks you about Libya.“ As if that’s a trick question; he's running for President of the United States and he doesn't have a preformed opinion on Libya?

Regardless, Herman Cain is still in the minds of wacky Republican voters. If he does grab the nomination, I say he tags this guy (dc3lover) as his VP candidate.

He’s the man for the job.

Keri Hilson at the 3rd annual Ween awards

3rd Annual Ween Awards: Why Should We Celebrate Black Women?

Last night, WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) held their third annual awards at the Samsung Experience/Time Warner Center in New York.  For the positive portrayal of black women in entertainment, the honorees for this year’s event were, Estelle, Keri Hilson, Tracy Mourning, Egypt Sherrod, Danyel Smith, and Jennifer Yu.

Is it important/necessary to have award shows for black women? Award shows like this one and say, Black Girls Rock? Essence Writer and Author, Demetria Lucas thinks so. On her A Belle in Brooklyn blog, she breaks it down like so:

Demetria Lucas

There are too many Black women who deserve recognition and don’t get their due just. Our celebs, the ones whose music or art or work touch our spirits, inspire us and make us proud, don’t always get the nod they deserve. We’re also bombarded with images of Black women that don’t mirror the best of who we are or give a proper reflection of our scoop. If we don’t acknowledge our leaders, our artists, our inspirations with kudos, how then can we expect anyone else to do the same? How too, can we expect our girls to be upstanding women who carry themselves with purpose when we don’t take the time to acknowledge those who do? - Honoring Black Women

Thumbs up. Let’s flickerazzi.

Sylvia Rhone and Mona Scott at the 3rd annual Ween awards
If you don’t know these two, well, you’ve experienced the outcome of their work. On the left, former Elektra Records Chairman/CEO and former Motown Records President, Syliva Rhone. On the right, Co-founder and former President of Violator Mgmt., Mona Scott (think 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Fantasia, Missy Elliot.)

Estelle at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Estelle holding her award; it’s nice enough to keep on display.

Mashonda at the 3rd annual Ween awards

Mashonda at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Melyssa Ford

Mashonda at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Indiana Pacers guard Dahntay Jones with his wife and Co-founder of WEEN, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones.

Mashonda at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Up and coming singer Cherlise and Lala’s running buddy, Po Johnson.

Jenilee Reyes

Jenilee Reyes Wants to Love You

The other day, in the “Holly Robinson Peete Receives Hennessy Privilege Award” story, I randomly included a picture of Jenilee Reyes. I didn’t know who she was or why she was considered click worthy by the photographer. Maybe he/she was thinking like myself, “She has one of those in the biz faces.”

Sure enough, turns out Jenilee Reyes is someone - a singer, to be exact. Born in the Phillippines, she studied at The Gloria Gifford Conservatory for the Performing Arts and recently appeared on NBC's The Sing Off, as part of a group named Kinfolk 9.

A few weeks ago, Jenilee released a song called “I Wanna Love You.” It rides over the instrumental to Frank Ocean's “We All Try.”

Take a listen. Smoooooooth

She labels her style of music, Pop-Urban-Rock aka “Hood Rock”.

If you like that, like I do, download her mixtape “Sex, Love and Lock & Load” too.

Sex, Love, and Lock and Load

“I Wanna Love You” isn't on the mixtape, get it from that link.