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Alicia Keys on 106 and Park

New Video: Alicia Keys debuts “Girl on Fire” on 106 and Park

Yesterday, Alicia Keys debuted the video for her hot as fire single, “Girl on Fire” on 106 and Park. Asked for some background on the song, an excited Alicia Keys said, “The evolution of “Girl on Fire” came from me wanting to always be able to declare that I’m a Girl on Fire. Sometimes we don’t always feel like that. Sometimes things get difficult. But even in a world that’s filled with catastrophe, we not backing down and we got our heads in the clouds.”

“This by far the best album I ever did. I love this record. I love how it sounds. I love the feeling of it. I really feel like it’s going to be a soundtrack to people’s lives and you’re going to really be able to identify it.”

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“I promise you, it’s gonna knock you on the floor.”

This video knocked me out. Alicia Keys looks great. Outside of the lush visuals, I love how she infused it with aspects of her new life — being a mom — and how hard working women who clock the 9-5, 10-6, what have you, can relate to coming home to raise little ones and guiding them to be fabulous human beings too.

You don’t have to have kids, though. That’s not the point. Doing you without skipping a beat -  that’s called being a Girl on Fire.

Barack Obama at campaign event in Fairfax, Virginia

President Obama Diagnoses Mitt Romney with a Case of “Romnesia”

Confession: posts have been few and far apart this year. One consequence, other than mixing it up with you, I’ve missed talking at all about this year’s election. Don’t worry, it’s not a case of Romnesia. What’s that I said.. Romnesia? It’s a condition that President Obama diagnosed Mitt Romney with. President Obama doesn’t hold a medical degree, but the symptoms — Mitt Romney forgetting positions he held a month ago, a week, hey, even hours earlier — are readily apparent.

At a campaign even today in Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama laid out his case for this sickness and best of all, the hope for a cure, “Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions!”