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Chris Brown - This Christmas trailer

Chris Brown: “This Christmas” Movie Trailer

- posted by Toya

Chris Brown has another movie hitting theaters this coming November “This Christmas” which will coincide with the release of his new album “Exclusive.” Lauren London is in it as well as some of the Soul Food cast, Columbus Short (whom Chris co-starred with in Stomp The Yard) and Idris Elba.

Wow. I was expecting this movie to look mad corny but it looks like it’s going to be great. Chris has a fat role, and a couple of singing stints here and there. And at least he doesn’t die this time so yeah, he gets MAJOR screen time. I’m definitely going to see this.

Usher mists the air at Macy's

Usher Makes Appearance at Macy’s for New Fragrance. What Does it Smell Like?

Miss Jones be damned, as the afternoon turned to night, Usher got to putting the mist in the air at Macy’s. I’d love to know what this stuff smells like, but I will not be dropping coin on a bottle. Perhaps a free sample or a peel back.. you know the kind that rubs off on your hands from the pages of a magazine.

The press release description describes it as..
“representing strength and sexiness, and more than anything, it represents mystery and a journey.. no different than a beautiful song .. another way of interpreting emotion .. It’s sophisticated for a woman, and confident for a man.”

You can’t rely on the press statement for an honest assessment.

For lack of a bottle, here’s a chin check from Sandra Rose

Usher might want to check the early sales figures for his new cologne and perfume. So far the consensus from fans is the cologne and perfume stinks. “Nobody likes the smell,” said one sales rep at Macy’s Lenox Mall who spoke under condition of anonymity. “We’ve had several returns. That’s not a lot of returns but they’re not selling so that’s high,” said the rep who admitted to being an Usher fan.

The sales rep said she personally has not sold a single bottle of the fragrance and wouldn’t purchase a bottle for herself or her friends. The main reason: “It stinks!”

One well placed music industry executive who received several complimentary bottles of Usher’s cologne said the fragrance is, “the worst sh*t I’ve ever smelled in my life!”
The exec recounts wearing the fragrance into the office and inadvertently emptying out the room. “I ended up sending an assistant to get baby wipes to wipe it off,” he said.

Tough stuff. The bottle looks sophisticated enough.

Usher for men, usher for women, the bottle

He had a fan in tears. (it’s not the smell)

Usher fan cries in delight

And sold another bottle. +1 is one step closer to a million.

one bottle sold

Mychal Bell Released

An Internet Petition Finally Works: Jena 6 Mychal Bell Released from Jail

Yesterday, Mychal Bell was released from jail. A great thing, if for one, soothing the concerns I’ve heard from some people about the time they took off from work, hopped on buses, money spent, etc, being a waste because the kid was still in jail.

The show of support last week is a huge reason why his quick trial and conviction was thrown out. Had a huge protest been organized, police barricades and all, and a hundred or so people stood outside that courthouse, there wouldn’t have been any pressure for the Louisiana court to rethink their decision.

The media attention made a huge difference.

On another level if there was never a flame put to the situation on blogs, petitions signed, that spread to radio, forced the major media to cover it even more than they did, there is no doubt that on September 20, Mychal Bell would have been sentenced to some hard years in prison.

He’s not out of the water, next week Bell returns to court this time to be tried as a juvenile. If he’s found guilty he could be held until he’s 21 - what’s that 3 years? As the only one of the Jena 6 to go to trial, what happens with his case is key to the future of the rest of his friends.

On the surface it does sound wild to say a white kid got stomped out, but we’ll let these guys go free and clean. That’s surface level though. When you look at the timeline of events and I personally think of the many fights I saw on school grounds (some of them ‘beatdowns’) it would be crazy to hear that any of those kids at that time got locked up for years - even months.

Jena 6 - I’m talking probation for all of them.

It’s f*cked for Justin Barker, but he had no problem taunting them.. which was.. kid stuff.

It’s all any of their involvement is and they should be treated as such.

I will throw this out here though.. had this been 6 white kids kicking a black guy’s ass. Would we be happy if they had their charges reduced and got off free and clean?

Jennifer Hudson Sex and the City  Vid Clip

Jennifer Hudson on the Sex and the City Set Video Clip - “Action!”

Everything about Jennifer Hudson’s Sex and the City first sneak peek photos has been said, here’s the video clip that gave birth to some of those photos. Listen closely and before she takes off you can hear a ton of cameras clicking off. Even after the director gets the scene moving there’s not much in the “action” department. This is the painstaking way that movies are made, shot by shot, nothing makes sense until it’s in the editing room.

Edit * I just realized where they shot this - Starbucks on Astor Place. Check the Google-liciousness


Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige: “Just Fine” [Full Single Leaked]

- posted by Toya

Mary J. Blige’s official single has leaked in FULL. A couple of days ago I posted the snippet called “Just Fine.” It turns out that this is the song being sent out to radio and NOT “Here We Go Again” as previously reported.

The new single is taken off her upcoming new album Growing Pains to be released 20th November. It is produced by Tricky Stewart and Jazze Pha. I think this song is pure hotness. It’s very infectious and catchy. I’m really enjoying this side to Mary. Please post your thoughts.