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Foxy Brown
Yesterday, WBLS radio personality, Wendy Williams, interviewed none other than rapper, Foxy Brown. It all came as a surprise because Wendy and Foxy had not been on the best of terms of late. Fox had a bunch of shit to get off her chest and felt that Wendy was the only person to bring it to. I am so glad she did.

To start with Foxy's mental state is a mess. She is stressed out beyond belief and had a nervous breakdown recently. Her long awaited album, "Ill Nana 2: The Fever" which was scheduled for a May 6 release, has been shelved indefinitely. The reason for this is that Foxy is in a major battle with Def Jam executives and none other than P-Diddy. Fox claims that Kevin Lyles and Lyor Cohen of Def Jam went behind her back and sold Puffy half of her contract. During all these contractual changes, Foxy Brown has not received a dime. All monies go to Def Jam and Puffy. She claims that though this little deal was not illegal it was definitely immoral and she does not stand by it at all. She also claims that Puffy did not have any input on this album, yet he is going to receive credit as the executive producer. She is not having that, so as of now, the album may not ever be released.

Fox claims that as of right now, she is not receiving any income as a recording artist. She claims that though she's not rich, she's comfortable. She was smart enough to invest in two brownstones in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn and the rent she receives from both properties is her only steady flow of income. Fox says that she has begged, pleaded and cried to Lyor and Kevin to just let her out of her contract and they told her no, she's stuck. They also won't set a price on a buy out of the contract because they are going to "represent the Foxy Brown brand until the end of her career." Contractually, Fox owes Def Jam four more albums.

Wendy asked Foxy about her most recent pregnancy and Fox finally admitted that yes, she was pregnant by her boyfriend Spragga Benz, but she had a miscarriage 3 months into the pregnancy. She says that she and Spragga were both happy and excited about the baby. Foxy has had at least one tubal pregnancy in the past and also has a tilted womb, so this was a high risk pregnancy. Spragga requested that she not work, stay home and rest, but she couldn't go it. Being that she had no one in her corner, Fox said she had to be a pit bull for her career, so she continued to work and be stressed out by the powers that be at Def Jam. This resulted in the loss of her baby. She is still completely distraught by the loss of the baby and actually cried on the radio while talking about it. Wendy Williams who also has a storied history with troubled pregnancies, cried right along with her. It just pulled at the heart strings.

To add insult to injury, Spragga told Foxy that the miscarriage was all her fault and it has put a serious strain on their relationship. He has gone back to Jamaica to spend time with his children and to get his career back on track. Though she claims that they still love one another, the relationship is deteriorating. She claims that she loves him more than anything and doesn't want to be without him, but he can't seem to forgive her for the miscarriage.

Foxy also claims that she loves Russell Simmons, but she has lost all respect for him. She claims that Russell has never gone to bat for her at all during her career. She feels that he should have done more for career being that she is his first female artist. She is a little disturbed that she has never been asked to be a spokesmodel for Baby Phat, nor has she graced the cover of his "One World" magazine. Lil Kim has.
Of course Wendy touched on the issue of Foxy and Jay. Fox says that she did see him recently and they hugged, but that was the extent of it. She also claims that she and Jay did not have a sexual relationship at all and she does not and never has found him attractive. Fox also says that she thinks the whole Beyonce/Jay-Z thing is a farce and she does not believe that they are really together.

Because she really wants this album to be released, Fox says she may just go with the flow, put the album out there and hope that it does big numbers. In the event that the album sells well, she will be in a position to buy out her contract or have another label buy her out. She claims that 2 major labels have expressed interest in her, but Def Jam is not having it. She would not name either of the two labels, but she did say the only label she'd go to would be Aftermath, because "Dre lets his artists eat."

Throughout the interview she continued to talk about the shadyness of Lyor Cohen and Kevin Lyles. She referred to Lyor as the devil and claims that he told her that, "Ja Rule is over, DMX is on his way out and Jay-Z is trying to make a comeback." Fox also said, "I think Irv Gotti is the biggest rise and fall in hip hop history." She claims all the trouble that's befallen Irv is his karma comeuppance for him being the person that he is and executing his business as he does.

Wendy asked Foxy about her brother/producer, Gavin aka Young Gav aka Pretty Boy. Wendy asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Gav was run out of New York. Fox said that he did move out of New York, but only because he bought a house in Atlanta. She also said that her brother is the most hated because he's a fronter. She said he's been on the cover of XXL, drives a Range Rover and is in the club doing it big every night on the strenth of being Foxy's brother. She called him a fake Puffy and said that steals everyone's girl and that's why all the guys in New York hate him.

Foxy also spoke on her beef with Eve. For the first time ever, she told why she doesn't like Eve. Eve was the primary reason that Foxy and her boyfriend Kurupt broke up. She said she saw Eve outside of Puffy's restaurant, Justin's one night. She says this was long before Eve had a record deal, she was just some poorly dressed nappy headed blond chick trying to get put on. She says that Eve came up to her and told her she was such a big fan and so on and so forth. She was telling Foxy that she also rapped and was waiting outside to rhyme for Puffy. She also told Foxy that she knew Kurupt from Philly and that Foxy is all she talks about. Well whatever happened, Eve got put on with Ruff Ryders and told Kurupt that Foxy was cheating on him with DMX. Fox still denies that she had anything with DMX, but she's hated Eve since then. She said she finally saw Eve about a year later, approached her and she ran. Basically Eve didn't want it with Fox. She also said she was sick and tired of Eve throwing subliminal disses at she and Kim, when they changed the game of hip-hop for female rappers.

Foxy also has issues with Nas. She calls him King Cobra because he's so slithery. She says that he's a snake and always has been. Wendy said she never noticed and Foxy said, it's because he's so good at it. She said even when she was with the Firm, she was most loyal to Jay-Z because Nas is not a loyal person and it's all about him. She said Nas called her when he was having the issues with Hot 97 about Summer Jam and asked her if she could call Wendy and take his side because everyone was against him. She did it and she said she hasn't heard from him since.
Foxy also mentioned that she is working on a tell all book with Harper Collins. She has also fired her entire team of handlers because they were all trying to get over on her. She was also scheduled to do a song with 50 Cent, but that was blocked by Chris "Everyone hates me" Lighty of Violator management.

Okay this was a serious interview. I'm sure there were things I even forgot to mention, but this is the bulk of it right here. Fuck Def Jam. I wish they'd just let the girl go. She is obviously not comfortable in the situation and that will more than likely put a strain on her level productivity. At the end of the day, she probably won't be making too much money for the company if they don't just let her go. She knew they were shady a long time ago and she should have never renegotiated with them. I clearly recall that she only only owed them one more album after "Broken Silence". The girl definitely sounds like she is at her wits end, which is really sad since she's only 23. She is also on anti-depressants and she is trying to ween herself off of them. If somebody doesn't help her, she'll be on Prozac next. I really did feel bad for her, but that could just be me. I love Fox and even through all her craziness, I've always been a fan. I want the new album to come out.

It is time for her to move on from Spragga Benz. Anytime your man blames you for a miscarriage instead of comforting you, it's time to go. He's obviously crazy.
As for Jay, now would be the perfect time to extend Foxy an olive branch and help her get her career back on track. Even though I know he has his own career issues, how ill would "Ain't No Nigga 2" be? It could only help the both of them.

As far as Nas, it sounds like she's done with him. She also said he can't help her career because he can't help his own at this point. I feel really sorry for the woman right now. I want everyone to start sending threatening calls to Def Jam for Fox. I also want everyone to start wearing Free Foxy t-shirts. Lastly I want everyone outside of Def Jam offices with picket signs protesting for the release of Foxy Brown.

Okay, maybe I'm going overboard, but it's really sad to see her in such a state. She is losing it and she's already crazy as it is. I wish nothing but the best for her in this situation and will definitely keep everyone updated on the album that may never be.

50 Cent
Former adversaries, 50 Cent and Jay-Z are planning to tour together, possibly as soon as July. 50 Cent told MTV, "It's going to be off the hook. That's when it really gets to be a tour ... when you start building sets and you start seeing things you don't see at the average club concert."
Jay's people will neither confirm nor deny the tour allegations, but it's seems to be a go. Though 50 is at the top of the game at the moment and Jay is not, all egos aside, 50 will allow Jay to headline the tour. He says, "I give him that pressure. Let Jay headline. He's got a string of records that have had their opportunity to have their moments. He can go on for a good 40 minutes with just the singles, so he should be headlining."
Lil Mo, whose album, "Meet the Girl Next Door" hits stores April 29, has already been contacted to be the opening act for this outing. In addition to the tour, 50 and Jay are set to hit the studio and collaborate on a couple songs that will be produced by Dre.

This tour sounds like it will be very big. Though it's a rebuilding time for Jay, he has so many songs that people still love to hear him perform. Not just that, but he'll be on tour with 50 Cent, who is the hottest thing going right now. This will be the perfect opportunity for Jay to get himself back in the forefront of hip hop. I will definitely keep you posted of tour dates, if the tour does in fact come to fruition.

Roc Army Tour
While Jay will likely be on the road with 50 Cent this summer, Dame Dash has other plans for the other artists on the Roc-A-Fella roster. Dame is coordinating a tour that is set to begin this spring and will not feature Jay-Z. Dame says, "I don't know about 50 and Jay's tour. know they were in talks, but I ain't really have nothing to do with it. I'm gonna go talk to Jay today. I'm gonna let Jay speak on Jay's tours."

The Roc Army Tour will feature MOP; Cam'Ron, the Diplomats; Memphis Bleek; Beanie Siegel; Freeway and State Property. The tour will be filmed and a movie similar to the Hard Knock Life tour movie will be released. Dame says, "It's basically starting at the end of May. It'll be a six-week tour ending at the end of June. Then we gonna take it to Europe and Japan. We're gonna bring the ruckus. We gonna show what happens when we all clique up. The show is gonna be like an ensemble of hits after hits. It's not gonna be your regular show."

Um, a Roc tour without Jay-Z, who wants to see that shit? Cam, the Diplomats, State Property? Get out of here. That's trash. I will say, that I'm loving the few Freeway singles I've heard. Bleek is trash too, but he claims to have stepped his game up. Time will tell once his album is released. Beans has also stepped his game up to an extent. I still can not see this being a successful tour. They will definitely need some other artists to carry this tour along. They need to skip the US and go straight to Europe and Japan where they can appreciate that nonsense.

Why does Dame, Jay's co-Ceo not know what's going on with the Jay-Z/50 Cent tour? Sounds like there's trouble in Roc paradise. Jay and Dame are operating like two seperate entities instead of one. Though they claim it's all good over there, I don't believe that for a second. It's all been down hill for Dame and Jay since Cam'Ron and his little cronies got there. I'm not blaming Cam, but shits been messed up over at the Roc since then. If anyone is interested, I will update tour dates when they're available. I don't think anyone is interested in this Roc Army business though.

Destiny's Child front woman, Beyonce Knowles is being sued by the Wilhelmina management company in Manhattan Supreme Court for the sum of $88,250. That amount is the 10 percent commission owed to Wilhelmina from Beyonce's L'Oreal contract. The court papers claim that in March 2001, Miss Knowles signed a contract to be exclusively represented by the Wilhelmina agency. Knowles signed on with L'Oreal one month later and refused to pay the commission to her management company. She will more than likely be made to pay once the legal proceeding come to a close.
What makes this chick feel like she doesn't owe this company, if they were managing her at the time? I guess she's just feeling all kinds of gangsta since she's been hanging out with Jay-Z. She will more than likely have to pay the commission fee as well as legal fees, which is a waste of even more of her money.

Lil Bow Wow
According to Bow Wow, he is back and he's back with a vengeance. Bow Wow recently spoke with MTV and he says, "I'm 16 years old now, [so] I'm talking a lot of garbage, talking a lot of trash, you know what I'm saying? That's how I'm doing it on this album. I'm talking trash to everybody, man. If you buy the album and listen to it, you'll know who I'm talking to."

Though one would automatically assume that Lil Romeo would be the usual suspect at the receiving end of Bow Wow's trash talking tirade, that is not the case. Bow Wow says, "That little cat ain't no rival with me. You got to think about it. I'm 16 years old. He's 13. He could be my little brother, so, you know, I never really feel like no competition, but it would be a different ... if he started talking about me, but little man never said nothing wrong about me.

The forthcoming album, titled, "Unleashed" is due to hit stores this June. With the absence of mentor Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow's album will feature production from the Neptunes, Bone Crusher and Jazzy Pha. Mind you, Bone Crusher is a Jermaine Dupri protege, so I think Jermaine probably had a hand in it somewhere along the way. In addition to the new album Bow Wow is working on a new movie starring himself, Solange Knowles, Vanessa Williams and Cedric the Entertainer. The movies to be an urban version of the National Lapoon vacation movies. Bow Wow's 16. Could he have said it any more than 6 times during a 5 minute interview. Well, damn it, I'm happy for him. I would also love to know who his little grown 16 year old ass is going at if it isn't Lil Romeo. He needs to stay in his lane. These grown ass rappers will eat him alive.

As for him not going at Romeo lyrically, well that's all well and good, but he just shitted on Romeo. He basically just said that he is a grown ass man to Romeo's little boy and he would not bother himself talking about Lil' Romeo because he's beneath him. Maybe I just like controversy, but that's what I read into all of that. I know a million little girls are waiting for this Bow Wow album, so I don't see his career ending soon. Lil Romeo was really not holding these little girls down while Bow Wow was away. I will update with a release date for the album in the near future.

3LW Working With Babyface
The girls of 3LW are hard at work on their new album with the new member Jessica Benson, also known as J. The girls recently worked with THE Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Group member Kiely, the one with the buck teeth says, "We really loved working with him. He was an amazing producer. We were like, 'Oh my God, we're working with Babyface!' We were trying to tell our manager, 'No, but this isn't like other people. This is Babyface. He did Madonna's 'Take a Bow.' He did 'Change the World.' He did everything. We love him!' So it was amazing working with him. We hope we work with him on our next album." In addition to working with Babyface the group plans to tour teen clubs across the country to reach out to their "fanbase."

Okay, so who the hell did Babyface owe a favor to that he's working with these delinquents? I'm just curious. I can't see him working with them of his own free will. These girls are just not Babyface caliber artists. They suck. I'm sorry, but they do. Not just that, but when you think of Babyface, is a Madonna song the first thing that comes to mind? These girls are idiots. Not that I'm one to talk because upon hearing the name Babyface the first thing that pops into my mind is, "Shoot 'Em Movie" by the Deele. I'm a loser too. Maybe these girls will begin to put out some good quality music now, since they're dealing with the likes of Babyface. I don't really see that happening, but one can hope.

Singer Tyrese was hospitalized after a recent performance at Hollywood's House of Blues. Tyrese was pulled off the stage and attacked by adoring female fans. He was rescued and brought backstage by 5 bodyguards. Once backstage, the singer collapsed and was brought to the hospital. He was admitted to Cedar-Sinai Hospital with a pinched nerve in his back and breathing difficulties. He was released the following morning. I'm glad to hear that Tyrese is just fine, but who would have ever thought he had enough fans to drag him offstage and do him bodily harm. That's just weird to me, but whatever.

Blu Cantrell
Sources close to singer Blu Cantrell claim that the singer was paid $850,000 to pose for Playboy. Does anyone even remember Blu Cantrell? She's that old looking blond chick that sang, "Hit Em Up Style." There are photos all over the internet of Blu back when she posed nude for Black Tail magazine, so this is nothing new for the singer. Okay, what's going on at Playboy? I don't believe Playboy would pay such an extraneous sum of money for someone who isn't even famous. Maybe $8.50 but not $850,000. I could care less about her posing for the magazine, but I do hope they didn't shell out that kind of money for someone who is barely a celebrity in their own mind, let alone anyone else's.

Rumor has it that Ruff Ryders savage pit bull in a skirt, Eve is leaving the label and will be picked up by Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. This will allegedly be taking place very soon. I don't know how true it is, but I don't think even Dr. Dre can revamp Eve's career until she starts writing better. If it's true, this is a real good look for her, so I'm happy to hear it.

It is also rumored that Erykah Badu has neither seen nor heard from her baby daddy. Andre 3000 of Outkast fame is the baby daddy in question and it's also being said that Dre's has not been paying child support for their son Seven. Rumor has it that when Outkast drops their next album, Erykah will be taking him to court for child support. This is just ridiculous. There is never any excuse for a man not being a part of his child's life. I'm sure Dre has made enough money to pay child support. I do hope if she has to take him to court she gets Kim Porter style money and back pay.


- reported by Keshawnta J.

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