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Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr at The Soloist premiere

Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. @ The Soloist Premiere

Jamie Foxx apologized to Hannah Montana just in time for the premiere of his new movie The Soloist. In it he portrays a schizophrenic, homeless, violinist named Nathanial Ayers. Based on a true story, Robert Downey Jr. is the journalist that changes his life. I’ve been talking about this movie for over a year now. Click back for the specifics: here and there.

Last night in Los Angeles everyone was bright and shiny on the red carpet, but the ‘stars’ were hard to find. These folks coming up do have movie and TV credits. Actually, a few are in The Soloist. I say let’s play a game of .. who dat?

Lisa Gay Hamilton in gold dress at The Soloist premiere

Lisa Gay Hamilton

Nelsan Ellis and friend at The Soloist premiere

Nelsan Ellis (and friend)

Nelsan Ellis and friend at The Soloist premiere

Justin Rodgers

Tom Arnold in jeans and gray, plaid shirt at The Soloist premiere

You know this guy.

Jonathan Myers at The Soloist premiere

I know Jonathan Myers from Matchpoint.

Eva Pigford in blue and white dress at The Soloist premiere

Eva Pigford was on the red carpet..

Eva Pigford's Jetson pumps at The Soloist premiere - that's not a brand

with her Jetson pumps

Eva Pigford and Lance Gross at The Soloist premiere

and Lance Gross. How can two good lookin people have such unsuitable names.. gross.. pig..

Jamie Foxx and Halle Berrys at The Soloist premiere

Jamie Foxx got his hand(s) on Halle Berry.

What’s next for Jamie? .. Mike Tyson!

From the latest Uptown magazine.. “I have a great take on the Mike Tyson story. People in the press only see Mike Tyson in the press reacting to things. Imagine giving a kid who comes from nothing $60 million. What will he do with it? There’s a story that has not been told. People ask me to do other [biopics] or singing characters, and I don’t think we should unless we could go completely away from Ray.
But to play Ray Charles and then be able to flip it and really look like and play Mike Tyson, to be able to morph into completely different characters like that - that would be the finish line - type stuff. So we’re pursuing that.”

Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier at Tyson premiere

Mike Tyson and Friends Catch a Rainy Day Premiere in NYC

Last night it was wild and wet in the NYC area. That didn’t put a damper on a couple of VIP events around town. One of them was the big screen premiere of Mike Tyson’s life. The documentary, Tyson, is a mix of archived footage and interviews that show everything from the Cus D’Amato days, his reign of terror in the ring, Robin Givens is mentioned, sprinkle in some ear biting and it ends with the man you see today.

Mike Tyson speaks on a lot of issues himself and the film has received good reviews, but Steve Lott, a ‘boxing insider’, says the amount of lies Mike Tyson told was Pinocchio worthy.

“Mike’s lies and fabrications shocked me. Especially when he called Jacobs and Cayton ‘Slave Masters.’ I have seen the documentary and it is obvious that Mike continues to surround himself with people interested only in their own good.”

Only if you’re interested - Steve Lott Speaks and on IMDB

Back in NYC, Mike brought the fam to the big show. *Scroll up* It’s Smokin Joe Frazier + Mike holding his daughter like a sack of potatoes.

Mike Tyson and his two daughters Rayna and ?.. at Tyson premiere

Daughter? Yup, that’s his 13-year-old daughter Rayna and his newest baby girl .. who got 90% of his genes.

Dame Dash at Tyson premiere

Since we’re talking former glorious fighters ↔ Dame Dash made a showing.

Nick Cannon at Tyson premiere

Nick Cannon sans Mariah

Rosie Perez at Tyson premiere

Rosie Perez.. Who I want to claim, hasn’t done a thing in ever, but pop in Pineapple Express, her demise is hilarious.

Christopher Walken at Tyson premiere

Christoper Walken looking wacky without a makeup artist.

Adam Yauch at Tyson premiere

There’s that rain.. MCA (Adam Yauch) via The Beastie Boys, also known as Def Jam’s second artist (1984)

Anthony Anderson at Tyson premiere

Anthony Anderson..

Coco at Tyson premiere

and nothing’s gonna stop Ice-T and CoCo from finding the cameras (Ice-T got cropped)

Melanie Fiona, Shontelle and Jadakiss at Brand Jordan bowling event

Melanie Fiona and Shontelle do the Jadakiss @ Lucky Strike

Last night in NYC, Jadakiss was at Lucky Strike lanes for a Brand Jordan bowling event. Settled in a corner, Jada found himself on the receiving end of two Hershey kisses: Melanie Fiona (left) and Shontelle (right). Where is that picture? Here we go..

Melanie Fiona and Shontelle kiss Jadakiss


You’d think he would be a little more happy about the situation. Must be his Iceberg Slim pose. Shontelle’s album Shontelligence was re-released last month. Melanie Fiona is a *fresh* name and face on the scene. Concreteloop featured Melanie Fiona in January and she’s a buzz artist in this month’s Vibe magazine. She’s a songwriter turned singer; wrote a song for Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad (how prophetic is that title) and has been performing all over the place. The highlight was a spot on the European leg of Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark tour. Notice the connects? According to the folks at Vibe, Melanie Fiona is being managed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Although in this Allthat’sfab interview she’s talking like she’s an artist on the label. There’s also a Steve Rifkind thing here as well. I don’t have time to tie the loose ends, so take it as it is - confusing. Ha.

Enough of the biz drivel… let’s Flickerazzi!

Melanie Fiona and Shontelle kiss Jadakiss

That’s Asher Roth; heard some of his DJ Drama mixtape songs. Sounded like the winner of the Eminem stunt double competition.

Ed Lover lines up his shot at at Brand Jordan bowling event

Ed Lover about to clean up the impossible 1/10 split.

Vince Carter and Ron Brownz at Brand Jordan bowling event

Vince Carter (and Ron Brownz) were bowling too. Yup, the Nets are officially on Summer vacation.

DJ Premier in Redd Foxx t-shirt at Brand Jordan bowling event

DJ Premier rocking the Redd Foxx. Yungins haven’t a clue.

Fat Joe and Macho at Brand Jordan bowling event

Fat Joe aka one of 50’s fifty enemies. When are they going to get that boxing match together? Although 12 rounds with Officer Ricky would sell out in sixty.

Melanie Fiona at Brand Jordan bowling event

Started with her, ends the same. Really just to hand you the linkage ~ Melanie Fiona[dot]com

Susan Boyle on Britian'sGot Talent

Susan Boyle Shakes the Earth on Britian’s Got Talent

Over the weekend, Simon Cowell and friends hosted Britian’s Got Talent. A sort of free-for-all American Idol: singers, dancers, comedians and any other talent having being can participate. So in walks Susan Boyle, nearly 48, currently unemployed, lives alone with her cat named Pebbles, and a singer who has always wanted to perform in front of a large audience.

On this show the auditions aren’t in some tiny room in city xyz. The contestants deliver for the first time in front of thousands of people. Susan Boyle looks like the classic first rounder: a complete disaster.

When she talks about wanting to be like Elaine Paige..

Susan Boyle laughed at by audience members

People laugh.. or is that horrified?

Susan Boyle laughed at by audience members

Some get a yuck face.

Susan Boyle’s not shaken by the response and her confidence seems to have the judges intrigued by what’s to come. Her chosen song was “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Five seconds in, via clips like this, she’s the talk of the web.

Susan Boyle Britian’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell watching Susan Boyle lovingly

Simon Cowell was glowing after her performance, but one of the other judges (Piers Morgan) summed it up.. “When you stood there with that cheeky grin and said I want to be like Elaine Paige, everyone was laughing at you. No one is laughing now. That was stunning. An incredible performance.”

Lil Kim Dancing with the Stars

Lil Kim (No) Wardrobe Malfunction on Dancing with the Stars

Missed her last week, but last night I checked to see how Lil Kim was doing on Dancing with the Stars. Turns out she is doing just fine. With a 50’s Jive theme, Lil Kim and Derek got the highest scores of the night 10-8-10 = 28 points! One of the judges, Carrie Ann (?) said, “I don’t know how you do it, you bring such pizzazz.. That was just mindblowing!”

I don’t think she’s ever seen the “Lady Marmalade” video: Kim’s been dancing for years. She’s not Lawrence Taylor or David Alan Grier stepping in someone else’s shoes.

The web was blazing this morning with talk about a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet and Justin. A huge overstatement. The didn’t happen moment occured as Kim and Derek listened to the judges comments. After getting two great reviews, Kim ran up to hug one of judges, went back to her spot and the ‘girls’ came out to join the party. The host stepped in front of her as she pulled up her top. There was no visible spillage. It’s a two second thing. You’d probably miss it if no one mentioned what was happening.