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Elton Brand at at Brother Jimmy's pool party in Puerto Rico

Elton Brand’s Summer Refresh at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Pool Party in Puerto Rico

This July, Elton Brand signed a 79.8 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Coming off a serious Achilles injury that kept him on the bench until the last month of the 2007-08 NBA season, Brand said he felt reborn.. “This is like a second chance. I’ll be 30-something in a year or two, so it’s very important to go out there and win something I’ve been on the youngest team in the league, the lowest-paid team in the league. And we made the best of it, but it’s definitely time to win. All of a sudden you’re relevant and ready to play some ball.”

Brother Jimmy's pool party in Puerto Rico

With two months to go before the NBA season begins, Elton Brand is making sure that ankle is in perfect shape and well rested. He’s spending this Labor day weekend in Puerto Rico. Yesterday he was at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ pool party with the likes of..

Lance Bass and.. um, a friend at Brother Jimmy's pool party in Puerto Rico

Lance Bass.. and friend.

Alfonso Riberio, Jamie-Lynn Sigler at Brother Jimmy's pool party in Puerto Rico

Former Soprano girl, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Alfonso Riberio, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Joey Fatone at Brother Jimmy's pool party in Puerto Rico

And Carlton.

Hah! That’s the only reason I posted this.. an Alfonso Ribeiro sighting.

Images: (McCarthy/Wireimage)

Popping bottles at Mario Winans birthday party

Flickerazzi - Mario Winans Birthday Party at Guest House

This past Friday singer/songwriter Marion Winans celebrated his birthday at Guest House in NYC. Not sure what he’s been up to lately, but a track called “What Can I Do” leaked a couple of days ago. Doesn’t sound much like him nor is it particularly distinctive.

But we’re partying, right? Let’s go.

Nik Pace smiling in straw fedora at Mario Winans birthday party

ANTM’s Nik Pace stepped out for the occasion.

Janice Combs at Mario Winans birthday party

Momma Combs made the scene.

Party Goers at Mario Winans birthday party

Don’t know her name, but I should.

Mario Winans and friend at his birthday party

Birthday gift?

funky with teddy bear hair at Mario Winans birthday party

These girls are funky and stylish. How could you not like someone rocking the Teddy Ruxpin? And uh.. I’m not a fan of the male manicure, but something needs to be done about that paw on the lower left..

9.5 to a 10.. Some chick at Mario Winans birthday party


very tall chick at Mario Winans birthday party

What’s that 6’4.. 6’5.. Chick needs a ball in her hand → a basketball.

Pink belt, green and blue print dress, party goers at Mario Winans birthday party

A splash of color.

Mario Winans flashes peace sign his birthday party


Halle Berry holds up Nahla Aubry for the world to see

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry Make their World Premiere!

Look who gave up the fight; Halle Berry was out in public with her daughter Nahla Aubry and as you can see, held her up for the world to see. She is very cute. The type of kid you’d expect coming from the Berry genes..

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry just kicking it

Give me those baby feet!

Halle Berry, Nahla Aubry and Momma Berry wait for the shuttle

Halle even gave the camera a pleasant look. This is all she had to do to keep the paparazzi out of the trees in her backyard. But she could have given Nahla a headstart on her college fund if she sold them as a People exclusive.

Halle Berry, Nahla Aubry strolling the streets

Where is this kid’s father? Since Halle Berry had the baby you rarely if ever see them together. Splitsville?

Hurricane Gustav swirls over Cuba

Hurricane Gustav: Get Out of Town or Float Around.. Alone

Much sooner than predicted Hurricane Gustav swirled into a category 3 storm this morning. The winds are at 125 mph. Having killed 78 people in the Caribbean and on target to impact Cuba today, Gustav’s next victim could be any place from New Orleans to Texas. By that time, with the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, it could be a category 4 or 5.

There are reports of early evacuations going on in New Orleans, but I remember this same scenario when Katrina was off the coast. It was a Sunday afternoon and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was talking about people needing to evacuate, but little in the way of real concern. Somewhat understandable, no one could have imagined the entire city being underwater. But this time there is no excuse..

If you’re in New Orleans, you should be reading this from a laptop in Kansas.

Get the f-k out of town!

Take it from my man.

It’s Evacuation Time!

Chris Brown rocks a Barack or Die t-shirt in Beverly Hills

Chris Brown Jogging Shirtless in Beverly Hills

While everyone is taking sides and talking about where they stand on Sarah Palin and John McCain’s brain (or lack thereof) Chris Brown was spotted Wednesday morning jogging on the streets of Beverly Hills with his candidate of choice on full display.

Chris Brown jogging shirtless in Beverly Hills

That’s if you caught him before he dropped the shirt.

Chris Brown jogging shirtless in Beverly Hills - close up

So this is why Chris has looked a little leaner than when his album dropped. Call it part Rihanna inspiration, part gotta keep the high school girls in a frenzy.

While Chris Brown was staying in shape, Rihanna was busy with her second love..

Rihann shopping on Melrose Ave

smiling for the cameras while shopping (on Melrose Ave.). I guess Rihanna is getting her money situation straightened out because that ‘news’ hasn’t kept her out of the stores or dulled her shine - she always looks stylish (no pun intened).

Who’s the kid with the blonde Mohawk?