Jill Scott, Anika Noni Rose, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Mar 30 2009
2:27 pm

Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose Score in The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Recovering from a stomach virus, Sunday was a TV day for me. Flipping through the channels I found myself watching the Sex and the City movie. (Hey, it’s not like I paid for ticket; and Jennifer Hudson’s part was embarrassing. Her rented bags and then so happy to get her very own Louis Vuitton. In the words of Mark Jackson, “You’re better than that.”) That served as a warm up for Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose in The The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Based on the series of ten novels by British author Alexander McCall Smith, the HBO screen adaptation is simply one of the most refreshing shows on TV at the moment.


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Why Did I Get Married
Oct 15 2007
9:49 am

Why Did I Get Married? Takes The Number One Spot

Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married” took the number one spot this weekend with $21 million. Not surprising given that there were people stumbling into the theater like they haven’t been to the movies in 10 years. For whatever reason Tyler Perry brings out a part of the public that feels like finally a movie was made for them. Some people only go to see black movies (to their own detriment.) “Why Did I Get Married” is one of the better ‘black’ movies in that there is none of the over the top comedy and hood themes that pervade much of what’s considered a black movie.

Like the feel of the upcoming “This Christmas’ it casts a much needed, different shade of light. It’s easy to see why the cast made it to Oprah’s couch.

It’s not really a black movie though. It’s a film about the quirks that exist in the marriages of four couples who could be any race.


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Jill Scott
Sep 07 2007
5:46 pm

Rewind That: Jill Scott “The Real Thing” VH1’s Soulstage

Have you seen the video for Jill Scott’s new song “Hate On Me”? Umm, how can I say this without sounding like I’m doing some that.. hating? It’s not a favorite. In this current music climate I’m sure the budget for the video was tight. But a hungry, untested director, if given the chance, would come up with something a little more flavorful and.. coherent.

I get that the flowers represent Jill in her happy place and the black and white is like flashing to the haters.

As co-opinioned by Giant.. “The idea of Scott grinning her passionate lyrics in a flower filled garden and again down a palm decked boulevard isn’t exactly the imagery one had in mind. Also, the absence of significance between black and white and color editing leaves heads scratching and continue to question the inspiration behind this terribly incoherent clip.”


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Jill Scott
May 21 2007
7:46 pm

Jill Scott’s New Album, “The Real Thing” and Big Mama Thornton

Ever listen to Amy Winehouse and have a flickering question in your head, “This is nice and all, but where in the world is Jill Scott?” Not to diminish Amy’s music at all, it’s just that there are so few artists in the good food category that break mainstream, that when they disappear - no music, no sightings, no news - you’ve got to wonder if they’ve given up trying to nourish the fast food addicts and just took a job at Popeye’s chicken.

Don’t think that every big-boned chick in the burgundy and gold could be Jilly on the low.

She’s currently in and out of the studio, laying tracks for an album titled The Real Thing.


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