Chris Brown crying, one finger in the air at the 2010 BET Awards
Jun 28 2010
3:31 pm

Chris Brown Crying at the BET Awards? I Say, Staged.. but Genuine

Last night’s BET Awards was one of the best shows they’ve put on in years. As far as talking points, at the top of the list is Chris Brown crying during “Man in the Mirror,” part of his Michael Jackson tribute performance. Was Chris Brown having a genuine moment? I believe it was genuine, but also planned. One could argue that the lyrics to “Man in the Mirror” were what sproughted his tears, but for me it was just too perfect of a snapshot. Chris Brown was banned from last year’s award show and has apologized for the incident with Rihanna, to no avail? The feeling that he can’t kick: Chris Brown is sorry; sorry that his career has been stuck on the corner of Shyt Street and Stain Avenue, ever since he five pieced her.


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Chris Brown perfroms in his Thriller jacket at 2006 World Music Awards
Jun 30 2009
12:29 pm

Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers

Like Usher, Chris Brown was also a no show at the BET Awards. Oh, he was ready to put on a fantastic Michael Jackson tribute, but at the last minute, Chris was axed from the show. Rumors have it that both Al Sharpton and Jay-Z weren’t happy with Chris Brown being part of the show. It’s said that Jay-Z told BET execs that he and Beyonce would not perform if Chris Brown was on the stage. And Al Sharpton made such a ruckus to BET executives that they gave in, telling Chris to.. beat it.


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Usher wearing a Cartier watch
Jun 30 2009
11:35 am

Usher Explains Absence from BET Awards: Plans MJ Tribute

On Friday, BET President Debra Lee announced that Usher and Justin Timberlake would be last minute additions to the BET Awards/Michael Jackson tribute. Obviously that didn’t happen. Justin Timberlake didn’t give an explanation, but Usher issued a statement explaining that he was overseas and couldn’t make it to the awards in time.


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Good Times - Season Three
Oct 19 2007
5:48 pm

Jimmie “Good Times” Walker Talks the BET Awards, OJ, and Britney Spears

Jimmie “Good Times” Walker aka JJ was on The David Letterman Show this week. Guests usually stop in to see Letterman with something to promote, Jimmie Walker had nothing to sell, but he had a whole lot of jokes. Post TV times find him touring the country doing the stand-up comedy thing. I know he’s performed at Carolines Comedy Club in NY and from the small sample here it must be a good time. Hah. I didn’t mean to make that hack analogy, but it works.


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May 17 2007
3:54 pm

2007 BET Award Nominations: That’s Your Reflection in the Mirror

The 2007 BET Award nominations were announced last night.

Mo’Nique will return to host the award show, do her little jiggle and shake.

For the collard green folks and R&B and hip-hop lovers, the BET Awards is a reason to rest your channel flipping finger. With all the favorites performing one after the other and the always stellar Old School performance, it’s like a free summer concert.

This year I expect the performances to be entertaining as usual, but when it comes to who wins what, it’s just a sad state of affairs.

Like the picture above [a cover snap from Mo’nique’s official site] whoever was responsible for signing off on the nominees needed to take a look in the mirror, “Is this a good look?”


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