polow da don
May 14 2007
12:30 pm

Ask Polow Da Don, “Lil Jon Ruined Music” and Jay-Z Isn’t Cool

I’ve got enough magazines to fuel barbecues for two summers. Thumbing through the unflipped pile last night, I caught this quote from Polow Da Don aka the latest hot producer to come from the South.

In a Scratch article he took a stab at deciphering the music environment in which we live.

“What I feel we’re experiencing now is a collective effort of mediocrity. Everybody has a catchy song, as opposed to a great song. I got some friends that argue that Lil Jon ruined music [laughs]. Lil Jon is a good friend of mine.. But we was having this discussion, like, ‘Lil Jon, you were the first one to show people that even if you don’t know how to rap at all, you can still make a hit record.’”

He took a breath and continued..


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