Naomi Campbell plants a tree
Jul 15 2008
9:40 pm

Stylish > Naomi Campbell in All White, Always Fashionable

There is never a dull fashion moment or outfit, when it comes to Naomi Campbell. Here is the supermodel in Abuja, Nigeria, last Friday, planting a tree in an all white ensemble. She was participating in The Abuja Green Society’s campaign to promote environmental issues.

Naomi Campbell plants a tree


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Forest Whitaker and Keisha Whitaker at Nelson Mandela Birthday Dinner
Jun 26 2008
8:38 pm

Stylish > Fashion @ Nelson Mandela’s B-Day Dinner

Last night was Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration dinner. Of course the who’s who of celebrities were there. Besides being a birthday party, this was a very fashionable event and people stepped out last night in some very stylish looks.

As always Forest Whitaker and his wife Keisha looking elegant and chic. When dressing for an event they always compliment each other very well.


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Diddy and Lil Kim at the 2008 CFDA Awards
Jun 03 2008
8:01 pm

Stylish > Diddy, Lil Kim, it’s Black Fashion @ The 2008 CFDA Awards

Last night was one of the most fashionable events of the year, The 2008 Council of Fashion Designers Awards. This event was held at the New York Public Library. Most celebs that attended dressed to impress, but of course there were a few that were fashion challenged.

Diddy in white suit at the 2008 CFDA Awards

Diddy looks dapper and suave in this suit; white always looks good on him.


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Naomi Campbell
May 10 2007
9:51 pm

Seven Days in the Life of Naomi Campbell

Making something from nothing is ageless economic wisdom, in this age of ever-connectedness someone should tack on the remix, “make something out of everything.” Naomi Campbell did just that with her week long date with a New York Sanitation broom handle.

Evey day as she made the walk from her chauffeured driven SUV to the Sanitation building’s metal gates, that strip of concrete became her personal 100 foot runway - just as many cameras were snapping.

Who knew the whole time she was also filling up pages of The Naomi Diaries.

W Magazine published the entire thing in this month’s issue.

Naomi Campbell W Magazine - June 2007


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