This Christmas movie premiere
Nov 13 2007
1:29 pm

Flickerazzi - “This Christmas” Movie Premiere

Last night in Hollywood, California, the stars gathered at the Cinerama Dome for the “This Christmas” movie premiere. It looked like the holiday spirit was flowing all around. Lots of smiles and good vibes. From the trailer it looks this movie is going to be worth the ticket price, by these people’s faces you can tell they are ecstatic with the final cut.

This Christmas movie premiere - Chris Brown, Lauren london

Chris Brown and Lauren London the ‘stars’ of the movie brighten things up.


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Lil Mama
May 09 2007
4:28 pm

Lil Mama Bringing Lip Gloss-Esteem to Women

It was two days ago that a cousin of mine asked me what I thought about Lil Mama. I told her I wasn’t on the Lil Mama train yet, should have added that I was a grown man who would look pretty in pink hopping around, yapping about his lip gloss.

Of course I joke, don’t have to be in line for Mac products to appreciate the Lil Mama sensation. While it might not be a country-wide phenomenon, Lil Mama is easily becoming the Voice of the Young People.

In today’s Village Voice, “The Makeup test”she speaks on the secret ingredient in her Lip Gloss.

‘Lip Gloss’ is not a regular bubblegum song, because it stands for something. It’s a self-esteem song for women..


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