Snoop's Ego Trippin release party
Mar 11 2008
10:17 pm

Flickerazzi - Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin’ Release Party at Club Touch +  New Video

Last night, New York’s Club Touch was the location of Snoop’s invitation only “Ego Trippin” release party. That didn’t mean that word wasn’t out. Desperate party people showed up to get in whether they were invited or not. Among those stuck outside?

America’s Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez.

Snoop's Ego Trippin release party - Club Touch - Jaslene Gonzalez

She was flicked with a friend outside the club in what we’ll call.. happier times. A few minutes later, Jaslene was spotted pleading with bouncers and the keeper’s of the velvet rope to .. Please, let me in! Apparently, ANTM nor a Tyra Bank’s business card meant anything to them - Jaslene was DENIED.


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Snoop in Seuxal Seduction
Feb 28 2008
4:47 pm

Snoop on a Player’s Progress and Letting His Marvin Gaye Rock

You’d be excused for thinking Snoop’s latest single “Sexual Seduction” was recorded by T-Pain. There are more than a few people that made that mistake. Last year someone posted a YouTube clip that showed how easy it was to duplicate T-Pain’s sound using auto-tune magic.

Teddy Riley was the first of the new jack generation to use voice effects with Guy. Teddy Riley is part of the new triple threat production team QDT (DJ Quik, Snoop, Teddy Riley) that executive produced Snoop’s new album Ego Trippin. Call me out, I’m suggesting they saw what T-Pain was doing and said, “If he’s getting way with it.. “


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Snoop Blowin Smoke
Oct 12 2007
1:07 pm

Snoop Sentenced to 160 Hours of Picking Up Garbage

Snoop was in court yesterday to plead guilty to charges of carrying a police baton on a plane at John Wayne Airport last year. The judge gave him a sentence of 160 hours of community service. When given a choice of possible locations to perform his court appointed duty, Snoop selected a park in Orange County, California. That’s where he’ll be part of team of other offenders to clean up the park.

Don’t think he’ll have a paint brush, coloring fences pretty colors. You may have seen these guys in parks near you, most often they’re walking around with a bright colored vest and a trash bag. There’s also the possibility that the bathroom will need some mopping and wiping.


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May 08 2007
6:47 pm

Snoop and ‘Cousin Jeff’ Don’t Blame Hip-Hop for Eye-Candy

Some things, you just have to ‘cut the cord’. At one time in my life I was willing to look past the Colt 45 blonde streak and razor in the mouth-itude of Remy Ma. She is/was also thick. That’s enough for a pause. You know, almost like a chick, thinking, “Ahh, she’ll grow out of it. She’ll change.” Then pictures like this surface..

love the blonde.. in the dark.

..and you have no choice but to grab the scissors and ‘cut the cord.’


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