Alicia Keys in Egyptian garb on Speechless cover
Dec 27 2010
8:10 pm

New Music: Alicia Keys feat. Eve “Speechless”

This day not only marks the day of New York City’s Snowpocalypse of 2010, it’s also Monster Monday. In honor of that momentous occasion, Swizz Beatz released a song by Alicia Keys and Eve called “Speechless.” If you don’t find the Egyptian inspired artwork interesting, how about that combination: Alicia Keys and Eve. Is this an appetizer for things to come in 2011?

Slow down, there’s not any official new A. Keys material on the way, in her words, “Speechless is a little freestyle treat 4 the holidays. It’s not a new album, not a single its something special 4 U!”


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Eve says hello to Mini Me (Verne Troyer) at Cinema Against Aids
Sep 16 2009
1:48 pm

New Couple Alert: Eve and Mini-Me @ Cinema Against AIDS

Ok, I’ll defuse this right up front, Eve and Mini-Me are NOT a couple. Thought I’d try my hand at the wild rumor thing. I think I’m supposed to just say it as fact and let you the viewer/reader figure it out for yourself. The tamed pitbull in a skirt and Verne Troyer were guests at the Cinema Against AIDS event in Toronto, Canada.


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Eve leans on the bar at 1OaK in New York
Oct 24 2008
10:10 pm

Diddy and the Twins in Luomo Vogue → What Was He Thinking?

On Wednesday, Diddy held a little celebration at 1Oak in New York for his L’Uomo Vogue cover. That’s the first pitbull in a skirt Eve (Recognize, SP) taking a look at the photo spread. I’m guessing that slight ‘uhhh’ on her face came when she saw Diddy and his twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, posing sans clothes.

We’ve all seen celebrity baby pics. Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise with their shirtless babies.. but these girls ain’t newborn, and they’re not in a tub.


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Eve and Manny Mashouf at the Hollywood Life 5th Annual Style Awards
Oct 13 2008
10:18 am

Flickerazzi - Hollywood Life’s 5th Annual Style Awards

Last night a few of the fabulous people showed up at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California for the fifth annual Hollywood Life Style Awards. Please, for the sake of making this relevant: act like you heard of the first-fourth award celebrations. wink

Representing la neighborhood, Eve and Ludacris were winners of the orange and gold statuetes; Tyrese and Tichina Arnold were on hand to cheer them on.


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Eve at Magic 2008
Feb 14 2008
6:53 pm

Flickerazzi - Eve at Fetish MAGIC Convention Booth

Eve was in Las Vegas yesterday, to represent her Fetish clothing line, at the fashion world’s twice-a-year trade show, The MAGIC Convention. If you’re thinking that you didn’t know Fetish existed anymore, we, me and you, are living in the same brain space. Turns out the initial launch in 2003 didn’t go too well. Her company had production and delivery problems with their partner The Innovo Group. In 2004 she tag-teamed with Marc Ecko. Other than unfulfilled promises, nothing ever came of the deal. Last summer Eve relaunched Fetish with Signature Apparel and seven months later here she is, on the Magic floor.

With Executive Vice-President, Alain Lafontant..


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Eve 29th birthday at Tao
Nov 12 2007
9:16 pm

Flickerazzi -  Eve Celebrates Her 29th Birthday at Tao in Las Vegas

This past Saturday, Eve and friends gathered at Tao in Las Vegas to celebrate the ex-Ruff Rydin chick’s 29th birthday. Do you know how odd it feels to type that? Next year Eve will be in the 30-30 club. Time really flies, huh? I know she’d say don’t push her up there so soon, but she need not worry, these days we got this whole 30 being 20 thing going on.

Eve 29th birthday at Tao - here comes the sweets

You gotta love this cake. Lookin oh so creamy and delicious.


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Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party
Nov 01 2007
7:42 pm

Flickerazzi: Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party in NYC

Yesterday, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli had a Halloween Party at Cipriani’s on 42nd St., which one attendee called, “Hands down.. the best Halloween party I’ve been to in my whole life.”

Did you get your invitation? Most didn’t.

According to local news sources, 1.5 million ‘regular’ people pranced the New York streets, at the Village Halloween Parade, a true freak fest.

While celeb types hit the Cavalli affair, looking freaky in their own right.

Most of us Whudatliens hadn’t heard of Roberto Cavalli until scanning the headline. Can’t remember if he was name dropped in a Foxy song, way back when she was rhyming about the contents of her closet. So I first looked at these pictures thinking this Cavalli guy is a real character.


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Eve - XXl June 07
May 04 2007
4:56 pm

Eve Officially Charged with DUI: Talks About New Self and Creative Advice in XXL

Last week, the word missing from many of those Eve drunk and reckless stories was the missing word, “suspicion.” Yes, LA police arrested her on suspicion of being drunk. You know, stumbling and mumbling, a headlight piece here.. the fender over there. “I think this chick might be drunk.” (- Gotta love the post-Don Imus automatic edit. I really wanted to say ‘bitch.’

In any case, today the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office made it official: Eve Jeffers you are charged with DUI (0.08%, twice the legal limit) and not showing proof of insurance. How do you plead?.. wait a minute, don’t answer that. You’ll be in this court on May 17th for the formal proceeding - definition: arraignment.

Eve will face a maximum $1000 fine, possible six month jail sentence.


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eve - smashed on hollywood
Apr 26 2007
3:02 pm

Eve Crashes Her Maserati. Arrested on Misdemeanor DUI

T-Pain’s “Buy You a Drank Shawty” is a top ten downloaded single and number one ringtone. Apparently Eve was taking the song literally. After leaving—- Eve was driving her gold Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard around 2:45 a.m. when she punched into a cement median at an intersection on Sycamore Avenue.

Police and the ever-present (in Hollywood) TMZ cameras descended on the car.


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eve - giant magazine
Mar 26 2007
6:33 pm

Eve in Giant Magazine: Talks Vanilla Dates, Sex Tapes and Hip-Hop’s Pulse

With Eve on the tube and movie screens for the past 3 - 4 years, it wouldn’t be a crime to think of her music career as dead and buried. Signed to Aftermath since 2002 she’s finally ready to release “Here I Am.” You know what that means?.. The magazine, blog and TV publicity flood cometh forth.

Miss Jeffers is on the cover of this month’s Giant magazine.

Eve - Giant Magazine cover

With a ton of photos but the article was surprisingly just as thorough.


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