Jay-Z holding Decoded at the New York Public Library
Nov 16 2010
4:25 pm

Jay-Z Talks Decoded with Cornel West @ The New York Public Library

Last night, Jay-Z sat down with Cornel West at the New York Public Library to promote his book Decoded. In Decoded Jay-Z explains the thinking behind some of his hit records and events in his life. Call it a memoir. He doesn’t like to. The NYPL host who introduced Jay-Z, said Decoded is one of the ‘more extraordinary books I have read in the last decade.”


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Beyonce and Idris Elba pondering Obsessed
Dec 23 2008
1:35 am

Beyonce is Obsessed and.. Seven Pounds Worth of Funny

I saw Seven Pounds over the weekend, got home and read the reviews I stayed away from to keep the movie’s twist wrapped tight. I suppose the people walking out of the theater should have been clue, but the real surprise was that the reviews were so harsh. Those people kicking rocks looked like folks looking for Will Smith to do the ol’ shuck and jive. Make me laugh, funny man.. at least shoot somebody. Didn’t know the whole world minus one, gave him the middle finger.

Those of us who braved through it were left wondering if Seven Pounds referred to the weight of his heart or if it was the sum of his heart plus all the other body parts sewed on to people scattered around California. ← That’s the twist. Will Smith comes out of this boxoffice blooper a lucky man, had it been a big hit, some big thinker would have had the time to ask if it might encourage some sad soul to take their own life.


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This Christmas movie premiere
Nov 13 2007
1:29 pm

Flickerazzi - “This Christmas” Movie Premiere

Last night in Hollywood, California, the stars gathered at the Cinerama Dome for the “This Christmas” movie premiere. It looked like the holiday spirit was flowing all around. Lots of smiles and good vibes. From the trailer it looks this movie is going to be worth the ticket price, by these people’s faces you can tell they are ecstatic with the final cut.

This Christmas movie premiere - Chris Brown, Lauren london

Chris Brown and Lauren London the ‘stars’ of the movie brighten things up.


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idris elba - 28 weeks later
May 01 2007
5:44 pm

Idris Elba Wanted Zombie Blood in 28 Weeks Later

It is 2003, seven months (twenty-eight weeks) after the last Infected died of starvation and the U.S. Army, commanded by General Stone (Idris Elba), takes control of the now-lifeless London. The city is quarantined into separate “District” areas (London City itself being no.1 and the rest of the London area undergoing sterilization).
After many weeks of work, the city is declared fit for habitation and the first group of British survivors from the European refugee camps arrives at Heathrow Airport under U.S. guard.

And then.. everything goes wrong.

This is the big Spiderman 3 weekend. Haven’t been to the movies since “I Think I Love My Wife.” Spiderman will bring the necessity for an all summer season access pass - you know, one price, ten movies. Soda refills just aren’t gonna do.


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