Kelly Rowland in Lay it On Me video
Oct 15 2011
12:55 pm

Kelly Rowland “Lay it on Me” (Video) feat. Big Sean

Just the other day, I was telling @delacarisa it’s a shame Kelly Rowland doesn’t have a video to bolster the success of “Motivation.” Her album, Here I Amwas released in
July; here we are in October, and visually, nada, not a thing to keep the flame burning. Scratch that. Call it just in time or better late than never, on Wednesday, Kelly Rowland’s “Lay It On Me” video hit the web.

Kelly Rowland in arches her butt on a table

In the video she leaves little doubt that Kelly Rowland circa “Here I Am” is all about putting sexy on the table. Sometimes literally.


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Kelly Rowland talks When Love Takes Over
Jul 17 2009
11:46 am

Kelly Rowland Makes it Clear: No New Destiny’s Child Album + Love Has Taken Over

Early this year, Kelly Rowland smartened up and dumped Matthew Knowles to find someone interested in nourishing her solo career ambitions. Where has that gotten her so far? Kelly is currently co-hosting Bravo’s The Fashion Show and continues to perform in Europe. In an interview about tonight’s season finale of The Fashion Show Kelly was asked to clear up a rumor about a Destiny’s Child reunion album in the works. Not for nostalgia’s sake, really because they owe one more album to Sony records.


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Kelly Rowland hanging out with friends in St. Tropez
Aug 07 2008
3:31 pm

Kelly Rowland Going Around the World in a New TV Show

Kelly Rowland is looking to extend her taste for international flavors to the rest of the country. Blackvoices is reporting that she’s shopping episodes of Around the World. It’s an updated version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that will have Ms. Kelly showing off the hottest hotels, restaurants, and party spots from Dubai to Tokyo to the Caribbean Islands.

A pilot episode shot in Miami, Florida was shown to various network execs; let’s just say everyone was impressed and are bidding for the show: VH1, E!, Bravo, Style Network, A&E, and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN. No word on which of them will carry it.


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Kelly Rowland outside BBC's Radio 1 radio station
Jul 14 2008
7:17 pm

More Kelly Rowland at BBC’s Radio 1, Just Because..

Nothing to read here, it’s just Kelly Rowland outside BBC’s Radio 1 radio station.

As mentioned here on Saturday, Kelly was a week-long guest host on their morning show. I guess we know what the interns are up to: silk-screening t-shirts in the printing room.

How fast did they get one of the week’s pics fitted for a jean combo?


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Kelly Rowland on 1Xtra Breakfast Show with Trevor
Jul 12 2008
3:13 pm

Kelly Rowland aka The Radio Chick Co-Hosts 1Xtra’s Breakfast Show

Ask Kelly Rowland where the love is, she’ll tell you in heart of jolly ol’ England. Seemingly every time she’s pictured ‘in concert’ it’s at some location in London. I’ll give her 5-10 years before she breaks out that British accent; you know, the hybrid joint Tina Turner and Madonna sucked up.

Last week Kelly did a five day stretch on 1Xtra’s Breakfast Show with Trevor.


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Kelly Rowland, Mary J Blige and Christina Milian
Jun 05 2008
7:37 pm

Stylish > Kelly Rowland at MTV’s XBox Party + Mary J. Blige and Christina Milian

Last night Kelly Rowland attended MTV’s Xbox party in Sydney, Australia. What do you think of her look? I give her props on trying to be different, but overall I am not feelin’ this look. The part that makes me cringe the most are the flesh tone dance stockings she is wearing.

Kelly Rowland in jean shorts and dance stockings at MTV's X-Box party


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Usher, Nelly, Kelly Rowland hit a London club
May 12 2008
9:04 pm

Usher, Nelly, and Kelly Rowland Tell Club Owner, “We Don’t Drink Cristal!”

Usher and Nelly performed at UK Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival over the weekend. Since they were in the area, yesterday they shot over to London’s Amika nightclub. The occasion? Kelly Rowland’s last night in London (a slim excuse to throw a party.) Partying from 11:30 p.m. to 4 in the morning, Usher, Nelly, and Kelly (with friends,) racked up $31,000, on liquor alone.

When they walked through the door at Amika, the club owner offered them a $1,200 magnum of Cristal.

Nelly was overheard by a Daily Mirror source, saying.. “We don’t support Cristal.” The club owner didn’t understand the problem. Someone else in the group explained the Cristal boycott that is apparently still in force in hip-hop circles. The club owner sent the Cristal back to the bar and four bottles of white-gold Dom Perignon were brought over instead.


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Kelly Rowland
Mar 27 2008
8:13 pm

Kelly Rowland 1Xtra: I Love London + Concert Performance

Whenever Kelly Rowland’s picture is snapped by the paparazzi, she’s in the UK. Kelly seems to get more love and looks more comfortable there than she does in the states. I’m guessing it has something to do with being a step outside of Beyonce’s shadow; ah, but not completely.

With the re-release of her album “Miss Kelly”, last week Kelly Rowland participated in UK’s 1Xtra Live concert series to promote it. She was interviewed before she hit the stage. Asked about a Destiny Child’s reunion, Kelly said she liked the idea but “that’s gonna be awhile.”


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Kelly Rowland Signs Sims 2 Virgin UK
Oct 26 2007
1:49 pm

Flickerazzi: Kelly Rowland Signs Copies of Sims 2: Castaway

Kelly Rowland was at Virgin Megastore UK this afternoon, signing copies of Sims 2: Castaway. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering, is she in the game, does she have a song in one of the menus, did she do voice over work.. Why would anyone interested in the Sims want Kelly Rowland’s signature on their video game box?

Kelly Rowland Signs copies of Sims2, Virgin UK

Well, according to Miss Kelly she’s a huge fan of the Sims, Electronic Arts (the makers of the game) found this out and EA has been pushing her as their secret celebrity fan.


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Beyonce Vibe Magazine Cover
Apr 30 2007
3:47 pm

Kelly Rowland on the Cover of Vibe Magazine: Giving Justice to the Sidekick

Kelly Rowland Beyonce is on the cover of this month’s Vibe magazine. The R&B/Sports Illustrated model bringing in the summer with a fabulous photo spread. Well, not really. The photos in the article were pretty tame. They practically bordered on recycled publicity shots. The article itself, also more of the same.

I’m not one to slap the over-exposed sticker on Beyonce’s back, or hate for bitter reasons. However there is something to be said when she’s on Vibe’s cover and her homie-for-life Kelly Rowland has an album coming out next month - June 26th. To add insult to disgrace, Kelly’s article is a one page, new artist kind of thing. As if a full article couldn’t be fleshed out with what she’s been up to.


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