daymond john
Apr 24 2007
3:01 pm

Daymond John: Displays the Power of Boardwalk and Park Place

I’m not sure who wears FUBU or if it’s even in stores anymore, but Daymond John, the founder of FUBU (actually he has two partners but he’s the ‘face’ guy) has written a new book called Display of Power: How FUBU changed a world of fashion, branding and lifestyle. Released a few weeks ago, it’s fresh on the shelves. I’m pretty sure Karl Kani is fuming over the implication that FUBU started the for us by us urban fashion train.

Karl Kani was the first to take urban fashion from the fruity colorful Cross Colors stage to something a grown man wouldn’t mind wearing. FUBU was second in the door, but they made a couple of moves that left Karl Kani frozen in place. The key shift - marketing. Remember all of those FUBU ads featuring the hottest rappers of that time? And Karl Kani stuck to featuring himself. Only later did he make the switch, but it was too late. FUBU was THE brand to wear.


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