Ciara in jeep outside Mac Cosmetics in Los Angeles
Sep 24 2009
12:22 am

Ciara All Braided Up in Los Angeles + First UStream Show

Ciara’s Fantasy Ride was released in May of this year. Blame it on lukewarm singles, the out of character Vibe photo shoot, or simply disinterest, it was an unexpected sales flop. A Fantasy with more meat and heat would have kept her busy for a year or more. Not this time, for Ciara, it’s back to the studio: the booth and dance. She can offer a couple more servings before anyone can stick a fork in her career. Ciara is currently in Los Angeles working on a few projects, but there is always time to shop at Mac Cosmetics.

Ciara is currently in Los Angeles working on a few projects, but there is always time to shop at Mac Cosmetics. Makes for a nice paparazzi moment too.


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Marlon Wayan and Ray Park at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles
Aug 07 2009
4:31 pm

“G.I. Joe” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles: Marlon Wayans, Ciara, Aubrey O’ Day

Last night, the celebs and their personal Entourages stepped out to The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.” Consider this yellow light, the studio execs didn’t allow any sneak previews/reviews of the film. That’s usually a sign that the movie is the opposite of fantastic and they’re attempting to avoid drying up their first weekend squeeze of the box office. Oddly enough, I’ve avoided any reviews, even Twitter comments, about the movie for the same reason: I don’t want to know anything ruining the summer action flick experience before sitting down with something hot buttered/salted and a quart of sweet, icy, liquid diabetes. Yes, large does equals XXL and the sugar high fills any blind spots in the plotline. Honesty, I stash a human-sized drink in a pocket or bag. wink


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Ciara poses at  Victoria Secret Flagship store opening in New York City
Dec 03 2008
3:47 pm

Ciara @ Victoria’s Secret Flagship Opening: Will She Walk the Runway?

Ciara struck a pose at Victoria’s Secret new flagship store in New York City yesterday. Ever since Ciara tossed her Goodies around the stage, she has expressed a desire to walk the runway. Early this year, Ciara made a move in that direction when she signed a deal with Wilhelmina Models.

Wilhelmina president Sean Patterson was convinced Ciara has what it takes..


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Beyonce and Ciara
Oct 11 2008
3:15 pm

Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” vs. Ciara “Go Girl” - The Winner Is?

Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” video premiered on Yahoo Music.. oh, let’s say yesterday. I’m not certain, but it’s definitely fresh on the net. Beyonce slips into a cop’s uniform to show what Officer Knowles-Carter would be like if she was a dude. It’s hard to get through without acknowledging the zero-level of creativity.

Beyonce Knowles Carter in a cop uniform

It’s a complete Ciara ripoff. I’ve heard of artists and businessmen stealing ideas from relatively unknown people and giving it their own ‘original’ spin, but Ciara is far from unknown and Beyonce making a soap opera out of it doesn’t make it legit. (Get it while you can. Some of these music labels spend cash on videos and make it as hard as possible to see them. Good business.)


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Ciara feels shy with clothes on in Vibe photo shoot
Sep 15 2008
9:49 pm

Ciara Suing Vibe Magazine? I Was Wearing a Bikini Bottom

Remember Ciara’s nekked Vibe cover? Ciara claims she was wearing a bikini bottom that ‘disappeared’ when the magazine hit stands. There is chatter that Ciara is considering suing Vibe magazine for allegedly airbrushing the pictures in a way that misrepresented the original photo shoot. On Friday, Danyel Smith, Vibe’s editor in chief, was a guest on New York’s Kiss FM to knock down the “hullabaloo.”


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Ciara squatting on the cover of Vibe magazine
Sep 04 2008
6:21 pm

Ciara Takes a Squat on Vibe Magazine

Ciara is on the cover of the new Vibe magazine. Can someone tell me who is in charge of attracting the masses over there? In the last 12 months Vibe have stuffed their pages with meaningless top twenty lists; talked Keyshia Cole into losing her shirt; they get a pass for the no-brainer Jay-Z Juice multi-cover; but now Ciara promotes her “Fantasy” by squatting like she’s taking a dump. That’s not a twisted interpretation, the Vibe staff pushed it along with the quote..

“I’m Not Gonna Hold Back Too Much”.

How’s that for creating a visual.. and a smell?


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Ciara and lala at Atlanta Hawks game
Jan 16 2008
7:56 pm

Flickerazzi - Jermaine Dupri, Ciara, and Lala Take in an Atlanta Hawks Game

Celebs don’t miss a chance to take in a basketball game, especially when they’ve maneuvered their way into courtside seats. Really, could you ever go back to the 300 section after you’ve been close enough to trip your favorite player? That’s a Curb moment.

Jermaine Dupri throws the peace sign at a Hawks/Nuggets game

Jermaine Dupri’s got to be happy with the feedback Janet’s getting at the early stages of her album release. Two fingers = two million sold in two months or less!!


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Apr 23 2007
10:26 am

Flickerazzi - Ciara at The Trump International Hotel

Celebrity sightings around here are few and far between - no reason other than it not being my lane. These I had a little connection to since I used to work in the building she’s at; before it became Trump International Hotel it was Paramount Communications. A couple of million in renovations and a gold coating on nearly everything and you have a top choice for celebrities and athletes when they’re in NYC.

The view from the sky..


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