Don Imus
Aug 14 2007
2:49 pm

Don Imus Settles For $20 Million. Coming Back Like “PO’D Jesus”

Don Imus came to a settlement with his former employer CBS Radio today for a reported $20 million. How’s that for a last pay check? The settlement makes Don Imus a free agent and it appears that he has more than a few options for a return to radio. There is a rumor that he’ll land a spot at ABC. If not there is Clear Channel and both XM and Sirius satellite radio are willing to give him a shot.

Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin would write him another eight figure check this afternoon, “The fact that he had been fired wouldn’t stop me from having Don work for me again,” he said. “He makes you a lot of money.”

Imus could be back on the air as soon as four months from now.


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Don Imus and Al Sharpton
Apr 09 2007
6:03 pm

Imus in the Hot Seat Over His Nappy Head Comment

The non-story story of the day is Don Imus calling the Rutger women’s basketball team.. nappy headed hos. Al Sharpton says he should be fired for it, and the globe keeps spinning.

The sad part is seeing how riled up black commentators are: Jesse Jackson scribbling markers on a sign for his ‘fire him’ picketing session on Friday, ‘experts’ saying they’ve never heard his show.. but they’re outraged too, claims that these girls lives are somehow shattered.

This for a comment made in the context of humor. A 30 second back and forth that while wasn’t in good taste, did not affect anyone in a way that their lives changed.

Who listens to or watches Don Imus in the first place?


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