Chrisette Michele - Epiphany
Mar 12 2009
10:43 pm

Chrisette Michele “Epiphany” Video + The Little Things

You heard the song, now see the video. It’s Chrisette Michele’s video for “Epiphany.” The first single off her album of the same name, due May 19. That was a quick song-to-video punch. Given the subject matter, the video is pretty much what you’d expect. What gives it multi-view value is Chrisette Michele’s undeniably smoking vocals. Look, Ma! Not a single Auto-Tuned note.


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Chrisette Michele
Feb 21 2009
12:55 pm

Chrisette Michele Has an “Epiphany” .. She’s Leaving

We are a few weeks from shaking off the winter season, that means it’s time for new music to hit the shelves. Chrisette Michele was one of the shining new artists of 07’. In the coming months, she will release her as yet untitled sophomore album. It’s already complete. Excited about the project, Chrisette wrote about the recording process on herspace ..

“It seems like every word that I sang was already on the tip of my tongue before I even got to the studio. One song I dreamt, came to the studio the producer had music that already went with it and then my new friend, writer filled in the blanks like only he and I can! It was just so fateful. God is always providing!”

The first single is called “Epiphany”.


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Chrisette Michele sings in Rising Up
Apr 23 2008
5:37 pm

Rewind That (Video) - The Roots “Rising Up” + “75 Bars” + “Get Busy”

The Roots 10th album, Rising Down, will be legally.., available on April 29. The previously released videos “75 Bars (Black Reconstruction)” and “Get Busy” are great indicators that, on the low, The Roots have crafted one of the must-have hip-hop albums of the year.

Widely respected, music video director, Rik Cordero is all over the project; he is the eye behind the videos for Rising Down. Leading into the album’s debut week, “Rising Up” featuring Chrisette Michelle and Wale is live and ready. ?uestlove taps out a Go Go beat, got guys spinning on their necks and backs, and Black Thought and Wale’s lyrics twisting through the whole circus.


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Nas and Chrisette Michele
Apr 04 2007
6:01 pm

Nas and Chrisette Michele on David Letterman

Thank Chad and Guy for YouTube. I’m on the computer last night, in the finals of NBA Live, and David Letterman is on, in a background noise kinda way. Letterman announces that Nas is about to perform and I’m thinking it must be an old show. His album’s been out for months. So do I pause for the 3 minutes and change it would take to record it? Nope.

I did pause, frozen from a truly dynamic performance of “Can’t Forget About You”, with Chrisette Michele.

It was an old show though. Taped in February.


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