Don Cheadle in Mattafix
Sep 18 2007
8:37 am
Don Cheadle - Hotel Rwanda
Mar 29 2007
7:15 pm

Hotel Rwanda Flashback. Sudanese President Speaks on Darfur

It was only three weeks ago that I got around to watching Hotel Rwanda. Oh, the DVD has been sitting on the shelf for months, just never had the urge to sit still for two hours of dry toast drama. What changed? I don’t know, why does the wind blow up the street on Thursday, Friday it’s on the ave? Nature’s guidance. Just felt like time.

Slid in the DVD and understood completely why Don Cheadle was nominated for Best Actor in 2005.

Don Cheadle depicts the real life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager that sheltered African refugees during the Rwanadan genocide.


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