Lil Wayne adjusting his designer glasses.
Mar 03 2011
3:52 pm

New Video: Lil Wayne “6’7,” Sprinkled Very Lightly with Inception

Lil Wayne is in prime form on “6’7.” For the video he got a little help from director Hype Williams for an Inception inspired video. If you haven’t seen Inception, don’t worry about getting lost; the Inception jacks don’t go beyond special effects and eye candy. There is a lot of slow motion; beautiful women; alternating color to black and white shots; and lyrical layups ie. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna..” and, you see a plate of lasagna.


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Lil Wayne thanks fans for 1 million Carter III sold
Jun 20 2008
1:25 pm

Lil Wayne’s Video Blog: Thanks Fans for Buying Tha Carter III

Lil Wayne went platinum in a single week. Actual numbers at the register.. 1,005,545. Wayne doubled up on that surprise by starting a video blog to thank his fans.

“Ya’ll did that. She (Sylvia Rhone) said we did that. I didn’t do nothing. I just recorded it. That’s all I did. Recorded it, right here, and other places. And I be having fun when I record, because I had read this book at the book drive that said you supposed to record like crazy. So I record, and I just don’t stop. I just don’t stop. I just keep on going. I just don’t stop..”

I’d love to hack into that syrup induced rambling, but that’s the Lil Wayne speak that charts #1.


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lil wayne
Feb 28 2007
2:18 pm

Lil Wayne Apologizes to Jay-Z

Weezy is in on the cover of this month’s XXL. In the interview you get the usual brass balls talk that Lil Wayne has become famous for: you know, greatest rapper alive, think what you want, I’m rich. During one of his recent puff sessions he was quoted in Complex magazine saying that he was better than Jay-Z.

Sort of blasphemous in that before his sudden lyrical ascension, a few years ago he talked endlessly about studying Jay’s albums, spoke on the intricate nature of his lyrics and how his albums were the only thing he listened to. There are quotes somewhere, but I can’t be bothered to find them..

XXL asked him..


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