Jennifer Hudson's presents her new slim look for Weight Watchers
Apr 03 2010
1:27 am

Jennifer Hudson Presents her New Slim Look for Weight Watchers

On Thursday, Jennifer Hudson was the center of attention at a press event at The Glass Houses in New York. For a good reason, she shocked everyone in room with her new slim look. Seven months ago Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her first child, David. Some women hold on to their pregancy weight after giving birth, Jennifer Hudson got back to her normal weight and dropped some more. What’s her secret? Weight Watchers. At the press conference she was introduced as their newest spokesperson. “I am enjoying the weight loss because I’m doing it the right way. I feel empowered with what I’ve learned, everything from portion control to what foods will help keep me satisfied. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet,” Jennifer said.


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Julian King
Oct 27 2008
2:52 pm

Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew: SUV and Body Found [Amber Alert Turned Off]

Chicago Police have turned off the amber alert for Julian King, after the white Chevrolet Suburban they were searching for was found on the West side of Chicago. Inside of it was the body of a young boy. Police have yet to confirm that it is Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, but considering that the alert is down, it’s likely the worst outcome has happened. The body was sent to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office for identification and Jennifer Hudson and family have been contacted.

Over the weekend Jennifer Hudson offered a $100k reward for information leading to Julian’s whereabouts. This morning a call was made about a ‘suspicious vehicle’ parked in front of a house on South Kolin avenue.


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Jennifer Hudson
Oct 25 2008
12:32 am

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Killed: Suspect Arrested!

Nothing TGIF about this story, Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Hudson-Donnerson and her brother Jason Hudson were both shot and killed in Chicago this morning. Neighbors reported hearing the gun shots, but didn’t think anything about it.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that a family member discovered the body of Jennifer Hudson’s mother on the living room floor.


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Dakota Fanning at The Secret Life of Bees Premiere
Oct 07 2008
3:25 pm

BZZZ! It’s The Secret Life of Bees Premiere

Last night The Secret Life of Bees premiered at The Academy Of Motion Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills. The movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Sue Monk Kidd. Don’t know a thing about it? Just picture Dakota Fanning (up above) in the early 60’s South having to leave her town after her nanny (Jennifer Hudson) insults a group of white men. They high tail it to Tiburon, South Carolina, in part to look for “the black madonna” and meet a group of black women who change Dakota’s life.


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Jennifer Hudson
Aug 26 2008
7:21 pm

Jennifer Hudson to Sing National Anthem on Thursday: Grabs the Dreamgirl Spot

Back in June, Jennifer Hudson told E! she would do whatever she could for Barack Obama’s campaign, just give her a call. She got that call to perform on the biggest stage of the campaign. Barack Obama personally requested that Jennifer Hudson sing the national anthem when he accepts the Democratic nomination on Thursday. Of course, her answer was yes. Jennifer Hudson’s rep said.. “She’s thrilled and excited. It’s a tremendous honor.”

Barack Obama called in to HOT97 last year, talked to Angie Martinez about his musical tastes..


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Forest Whitaker and Keisha Whitaker at Star Wars Clone Wars premiere
Aug 12 2008
8:42 pm

Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson in Winged Creatures (Trailer)!

Forest Whitaker and his wife Keisha were spotted at the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars over the weekend. << that's George Lucas's animated twist of his billion dollar franchise. The next time Forest Whitaker will be on the silver screen himself will be in

Winged Creatures.

He plays Charlie Archenault in.. I hate to say it.. yet another Crash style movie. You know, one tragic event and how it affects people differently. This time it’s.. “a group of strangers forming unique relationships with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner.”


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Jennifer Hudson in a jungle print dress at Keep a Child Alive event
Jul 11 2008
5:18 pm

Stylish > Jennifer Hudson Goes Wild!

Jennifer Hudson attended the Black Ball UK in aid of ‘Keep A Child Alive’ HIV/AIDS charity, in London last night. I am so happy to see that she has left the leggings at home. smile

Jennifer Hudson in a jungle print dress at Keep a Child Alive event

I like the colors of this dress on her, and overall it is flattering on her figure.


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Jennifer Hudson
Jun 25 2008
1:37 am

Jennifer Hudson “Spotlight” Video Debut

Jennifer Hudson was a ‘special guest’ during BET’s pre-award show festivities. Jennifer took the moment to debut “Spotlight” the first single and video from her album due September 30.

Take it from the introduction..

Jennifer Hudson Spotlights .. “Spotlight”


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Jennifer Hudson at LAX airport
Jun 16 2008
11:35 pm

Jennifer Hudson, Give it Up!

Jennifer Hudson refuses to stop wearing tight spandex leggings. She has been seen repeatedly out and about in this unflattering garment.

Jennifer Hudson wearing her favorite leggings.. again!

Here she is on Sunday at LAX airport.


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Halle Berry sporting her Obama t-shirt
May 29 2008
2:59 pm

Stylish in L.A. > Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good + Christina Milian

Here is a candid of Halle Berry out and about in L.A. Clearly we can all see which political candidate she is in favor of. Her Obama shirt is very cute.

Halle Berry sporting her Obama shirt

Halle Berry looks stylish even when she is dressed down.


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