Charla Nash on Oprah
Nov 11 2009
9:05 pm

Charla Nash: Chimp Attack Victim Reveals Face on Oprah

On February 16, Charla Nash drove to a friend’s house in Connecticut for what she thought would be an easy situation to solve. Sandra Herold called her for help with her chimpanzee that was running wild. When Charla got out of the car she found herself in front of an enraged - soon to be discovered -, drugged chimp that literally ripped her face off.
Charla Nash survived the horrifying attack and this afternoon Oprah was able to convince her that people want to see the damage the chimp did to her.


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Beyonce and a creepy hand reaches for a fondle
Nov 13 2008
9:41 pm

Beyonce on Oprah: Who is Sasha Fierce?

Beyonce sat down with Oprah this afternoon and talked about all things Sasha Fierce, Hamburger Helper, and her role as Etta James in Cadillac Records. Oprah attempted to get some wedding info out of her, but that’s still a private affair. When will that veil be lifted? I’m guessing sometime after Beyonce pops out a baby Bee or Jay.

Yeah, Oprah asked Beyonce if she was pregnant.


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Forest Whitaker and Keisha Whitaker at Nelson Mandela Birthday Dinner
Jun 26 2008
8:38 pm

Stylish > Fashion @ Nelson Mandela’s B-Day Dinner

Last night was Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration dinner. Of course the who’s who of celebrities were there. Besides being a birthday party, this was a very fashionable event and people stepped out last night in some very stylish looks.

As always Forest Whitaker and his wife Keisha looking elegant and chic. When dressing for an event they always compliment each other very well.


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Oprah giving bug eyes
Jan 30 2008
7:01 pm

The Oprah Sarcophagus: No Clothes for the Sun God

Oprah is already the Queen of all media; think 2500 years in the past, there’s no American public to hypnotize and the center of the world is among the shadows of the pyramids of Egypt. Surely Oprah would have no trouble adapting to circumstances: Queen Oprah would rule with a firm, yet loving touch. When her time to ascend to the sun god inevitably arrived, what would her sarcophagus look like?

Apparently she’d have a little belly roll, hips to hug and let her big breasts free to bathe in the warm desert air. In fact, why not just go completely nude?

Daniel Edwards an American artist has made a name for himself immortalizing celebrities for the ages. A few years ago he offered up ‘the first Pro-Life monument to birth’ depicting Britney Spears in a pose that looks more like a recreation of the night she got pregnant.


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Jan 04 2007
1:53 pm

Oprah Responds to Critics of Her South African School

Has Oprah been getting bashed for opening that school in South Africa? I’ve only been able to surf headlines the last few days. Oprah was on ABC news last night about as upset as I’ve ever seen her.

Here is a school that she promised to Nelson Mandela, hits to a cause near her heart and is intended to provide something special where there is nothing and the response by some in America is.. ‘Why didn’t she open the school here?’

Like Madonna’s adoption, what about the hood?

I’m thinking Oprah’s reading too many message boards during lunch.
Who’s saying these things? Is 50 f*cking with her again?

Was it The View clucks? Don’t know, wouldn’t know.


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