mother helps her children
Dec 27 2006
4:44 pm

Black ‘Cosby’ Families Can’t Find Black Nannies

As a fresh young teenager making his way across the river to go to school and work in the big city, I’d often see black women pushing strollers with white babies in them. Rosy cheeks, chewing on their feet, and there is this black woman. Interracial marriages weren’t an oddity to me, but these kids didn’t look mixed. They were like Michael Jackson’s kids, blonde hair and blue eyes. It couldn’t be their kid… could it?

I later found out that 99.9% of them were working as nannies.

Many of them leave their own children at home to take care of other people’s kids, some work as au pairs, some work as nannies by default.. maybe it’s in their blood.


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