Cassie at Louis Vuitton 40 Anniversary moon landing event
Jul 14 2009
5:17 pm

Stylish → Cassie @ Louis Vuitton Event

Last night many celebrities helped Louis Vuitton celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of The Lunar Landing at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Of the celebrity in attendance singer/model Cassie was there. She wore a dress that has a sheer top, and a bubble hem skirt.


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Diddy celebrates his 39th Birthday party at Mansion in NYC
Nov 06 2008
10:29 am

Diddy Celebrates his 39th Birthday at Mansion ☼!☼

Election day marked the 39th year that Sean Combs’ God-like genius has blessed this earth. The humble man that he is, S. Combs gave Barack Obama the spotlight and put off his birthday celebration until last night at Mansion, under the bright lights of New York City. You see the clear stuff in the cup. Just call him Ciroc Obama! ← his words, not mine.


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Cassie in pink and boots at FNMTV
Aug 22 2008
7:46 pm

Stylish > Cassie in Pink at FNMTV

Cassie wore this ensemble during a taping of the latest FNMTV show. Normally I love Cassie’s style choices. She takes fashion risks, and most of the time they work for her. This time she was not so lucky. I do not like the black boots she wore. It throws the whole look off.

Later on she changed shoes..


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Cassie behind the scenes on a video shoot
Jul 29 2008
8:19 pm

Hey Diddy! Cassie is a “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Cassie spent the last few weeks ‘getting her head together’ and putting in work on her new album. A little leakage from the studio is on the web in the form of “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Cassie “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Once an artist’s personal life gets on the streets, everything they sing sounds like a diary entry or a secret message to.. whom this may be concern.

“People say that I’m a fool, for loving someone who, doesn’t play by the rules, but they don’t know you. So easy to judge a book by its cover, cause they don’t understand that you’re the only one for me, there’s no other. I’m with you til the end.
What about love? What about faith? What about trusting that the one you’re with is with you all the way.. I’m a soldier for your love”


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Diddy and Cassie doin it up
Jul 25 2008
8:30 pm

Diddy and Cassie NOT Engaged .. Yet

Rumors don’t escape anyone’s ears these days, especially when the rumors are about you and Access Hollywood is repeating it. This morning Cassie hopped on her Myspace page to clear up that little engagement rumor first floated by Star magazine.

“HEY! This blog is simply to clear up a rumor. The newest one is that I am engaged. That rumor is completely false and I have no clue how it came to be or why it got so big, but it’s not true, real talk. I am not engaged. Whether or not you’ve heard about it, thank you for your time smile Stay Blessed!”


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Diddy and Cassie Spend Mother's Day in Central Park
May 14 2008
6:49 pm

Diddy and Cassie Spend Mother’s Day in Central Park

And the picture of the day is.. Diddy and Cassie cuddling up in Central Park. The pictures were snapped by someone at G-Style magazine, while Diddy’s bodyguards weren’t paying attention. Maybe that should be FORMER bodyguards, someone is getting fired.

The description says it all..


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Diddy and Cassie getting their dance on
Dec 10 2007
6:59 pm

Diddy’s in Love with Cassie; Cuddling in Miami

What did all those Cassie and Diddy sightings mean over the last couple months? It’s a question that floated across my monitor this Halloween. Was it just ad campaign promotion; simply keeping one of his artists happy with some VIP festivities? No one else on the Bad Boy roster was invited to the Halloween bash. Page Six is putting the couple stamp on the two of them: Diddy is in love with Cassie and she’s become his main chick.

Sean “Diddy” Combs is in love again. The hip-hop mogul made the decision to “cut off the various girls he has around the world” and settle down with on-and-off flame Cassie - at least for now.”

She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and they’re in Miami together now,” our source said of the singer. Friends on both sides of the camp are whispering about their reunion.

“They’re holed up together in Miami, very low-key. He’s really in love with her,” said the insider.


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Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party
Nov 01 2007
7:42 pm

Flickerazzi: Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party in NYC

Yesterday, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli had a Halloween Party at Cipriani’s on 42nd St., which one attendee called, “Hands down.. the best Halloween party I’ve been to in my whole life.”

Did you get your invitation? Most didn’t.

According to local news sources, 1.5 million ‘regular’ people pranced the New York streets, at the Village Halloween Parade, a true freak fest.

While celeb types hit the Cavalli affair, looking freaky in their own right.

Most of us Whudatliens hadn’t heard of Roberto Cavalli until scanning the headline. Can’t remember if he was name dropped in a Foxy song, way back when she was rhyming about the contents of her closet. So I first looked at these pictures thinking this Cavalli guy is a real character.


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Lauren London and Cassie Visit MTV Sucker Free
Oct 23 2007
5:39 pm

Lauren London and Cassie Bless MTV’s “Sucker Free”

Have you noticed pictures of Lauren London and Cassie popping up all of a sudden? It seems like a left field meeting of minds. Lauren London signed as a Sean John model a short time ago, and Cassie, if she’s not gonna sell albums, she’s gonna do something to hang around the Bad Boy office. The ad campaigns are starting to trickle out.

Lauren London - Cassie - Sean John ad campaign

They visited the MTV studios last week for a “Sucker Free” spot.


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Dec 21 2006
3:46 pm

Cassie Addresses Rumors of Bad Boy Split

First it was Beyonce is 30+, here is the document to prove it, then it was.. well, just about every day there is a new rumor floating around.

Creating a buzz is so easy these days, just say whatever you feel like saying, as long as it’s in caps it must be true. The more outrageous the better. Makes for good talk at lunch, IM, and forwarding material for the inbox.

Separating truth from fact brings life to reading is fundamental, a little diggin, a few more sources. Ah damn.. who has time for that!?


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