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Dec 13 2006
7:03 pm

Speaking of American Gangster..

With a five minute Jay-Z interview and not much going on elsewhere I flipped to American Gangster. Actually I had been going back and forth between the two shows, now I could settle in.

Gotta tell you this was the first time I watched American Gangster. The thought of BET spotlighting drug dealers and killers on the Black Entertainment Network convinced me that Debra Lee was quite fine with taking things to the extreme in that everquest for ratings.

Not that the show isn’t a reflection of that, but it really was an informative and well made show, and looked at from the perspective of mafia figures, your John Gotti’s and Al Capone’s, always on parade when looking at criminal life, why not peel back the skin of some black and Latino criminal idols.

Hesitate to call them idols.. because crime is exactly what you don’t want to encourage anyone to get into, and that aspect of the show, showing the downfall and personal regret of these people is what makes it digestible.


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