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Sep 14 2007
11:12 am

BET Hip-Hop Awards T.I Grabs Nine Nods. KRS Gets One.. One.. One..

If you thought the music award season was over we’re in the same frame of mind. On Oct.13 BET will hold the second annual hip-hop awards at Atlanta’s Civic Center; because anything is bound to happen when rappers and wannabes start bumping shoulders the show won’t be broadcast until October 17. That gives them plenty of time to edit out the album shout-outs and thanks to the Lord. Well.. maybe not that last one.

T.I. figures to be a big winner this year with nine nominations including Lyricist of the Year. Which I find extremely funny as in huh? The running joke in my conversations is that T.I. is a great artist, good dude, (I interviewed him for Trap Muzik. He was kind enough to play me his album which I hadn’t heard. Wasn’t might fault. That’s a napping publicist) but look.. who runs off a T.I. quotable? Like Lil Wayne gets cut and pasted all the time for his clever lines, but you don’t hear that with T.I. By his own admission he’s not trying to be lyrical. It’s the K.I.S.S. rule on the road to millions. As always when criticism of the popular guy comes.. I’m not hating or dislike him. I’m just saying. When I’m hating it’s strictly middle finger. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Common and Kanye West are nominated in the lyrics category too. That’s gonna be a great shake out.


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