Kanye West in a white button down and Kim Kardashian in a pink dress
Dec 31 2012
5:09 am

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Having A Baby

Last night, during the final show of a three-night run at Revel’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, Kanye West stopped a song, auto-tune still ringing in the mic, and asked the audience Can we make some noise for my baby momma? And just like that, the world knew Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were having a baby.

For the doubtful, it was this video clip that cemented it.


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Keri Hilson at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Nov 11 2011
2:03 pm

3rd Annual Ween Awards: Why Should We Celebrate Black Women?

Last night, WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) held their third annual awards at the Samsung Experience/Time Warner Center in New York. For the positive portrayal of black women in entertainment, the honorees for this year’s event were, Estelle, Keri Hilson, Tracy Mourning, Egypt Sherrod, Danyel Smith, and Jennifer Yu.

Is it important/necessary to have award shows for black women? Award shows like this one and say, Black Girls Rock? Essence Writer and Author, Demetria Lucas thinks so. On her A Belle in Brooklyn blog, she breaks it down like so:


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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Wedding Picture
Sep 28 2009
7:43 pm

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s Real E! Wedding

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian were married over the weekend.. or were they? Word is it was a staged ceremony for the new season debut of Keeping Up with the Kardashians airing in December. Family members deny Khloe is pregnant. The official line is Lamar and Khloe are in love and wanted to settle down asap. Lamar Odom fast tracked the wedding before NBA training camp starts in a few weeks.

So where is the staging? It’s said the E! channel told Lamar and Khloe they would pay for the million dollar wedding if they held it this past Sunday. If you thought it was crazy Lamar Odom would decide, after a month, he met his happily ever after chick, you’ll be happy to know he wanted a prenup just in case he wakes up from his Hangover.


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Christina Milian at Atlanta Hawks/Cleveland Cavaliers Game
Mar 02 2009
2:10 pm

Christina Milian *Star Time* at the Cavaliers/Hawks Game

Who’s that girl? It’s Christina Milian looking like a certified celebrity last night at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Hawks were taking on King James and the Cavaliers. Sporting the second best record in the league, Lebron hit the free throw that gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a one point victory. Also on hand to witness a guaranteed future NBA hall of famer at work, were..


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Paris Hilton strikes a cell pose
Feb 17 2009
2:20 pm

Paris Hilton Set Off the Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight?

I haven’t posted a thing about the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight. Just didn’t have the time to post and when I did there was nothing to add to what was already out there. Figured I’d wait until the gruesome police photos of Rihanna’s black and blues and missing front teeth surfaced. That’s a joke. I guess I should add, if we’re taking sides, I’m in Rihanna’s camp. If for no other reason than getting to the point where you have to thump a chick, 95% of the time is a problem the guy can prevent by ending the relationship. The other 5% is reserved for those women that pull blades like Keke Wyatt or think they’ve got the skills of Laila Ali. But arguments should never get to a 12 round bout, just split.

One thing I hadn’t heard until today is the identity of the woman that texted Chris Brown, the text that allegedly set off the fight. According to this article it was Paris Hilton. .. “If it’s a coincidence it’s a big one that Hilton, who texted Brown and set off the fight that left Rihanna bruised and beaten, now has recommended the flack to save Brown’s neck.”


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Kim Kardashian checks her Blackberry
Dec 29 2008
12:38 pm

Kim Kardashian Shops for Shoes + Saves the Economy

Retail stores reported that sales were down this holiday season, despite slashing prices to barely sensible margins (for them). According to the Wall Street Journal, women’s apparel dipped 23%, contributing to 5.5% of red ink splashed across all categories. I guess those numbers don’t include the pair of shoes Kim Kardashian picked up in Beverly Hills this past Friday.

Why I’m posting this is beyond me. Going on a Shoe-Spree with a woman is one of the most torturous things a man can do to himself, but here we go..


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Kerry Brothers and Melyssa Ford at her celebrity birthday party
Nov 07 2008
7:35 pm

Melyssa Ford’s Celebrity Birthday Bash, Featuring ..

Happy birthday to Melyssa Ford! Today is her 32nd birthday. Last night there was a celebrity birthday party in her honor at Runway in NYC. There isn’t much in the way of celebs in these pictures, but that is Kerry Brothers, Alicia Keys-ex(?). NY Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce, Rasheed Wallace, DJ Clue, Talib Kweli and a host of industry faces were there to celebrate. Those pictures should be drifting out soon.


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Hoopz on the cover of King magazine
Aug 19 2008
10:41 pm

Hoopz Bursts Off the Cover of King Magazine

Hoopz is on the cover of the latest King magazine. A cover that doesn’t just feature her supple assets and banging body, it’s just about the most creative magazine cover I’ve seen in a long time. Get yourself one. Just don’t pick it up for the interviews.

Hoopz has redeemed herself after kicking my man Flav to the curb. On I Love Money she is one of the better and smarter players. Hoopz also has this idea that she can kick a guy’s ass.


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Paris Hilton for President
Aug 06 2008
9:34 am

Paris Hilton for President. Rihanna is Her Running Mate

Paris Hilton jabbed John McCain in a Funny or Die clip posted yesterday, for implying that she’s a celebrity ditz in his attack ad on Barack Obama. Paris calls John McCain ‘that wrinkly white haired guy’, but let’s it be known, she’s not for the guy promising change either. Since she’s in the mix, Paris said.. she’s running for president.

And lays out her energy policy.


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Kim Kardashian picks up wedding magazines
Jul 28 2008
9:05 pm

Kim Kardashian is Planning the Wedding: Damn an Engagement

Kim Kardashian was the first guest on Wendy Williams’s daytime talk show. Of course Reggie Bush’s name came into the conversation. Are they getting married? All Kim would say is the talk of them splitting up isn’t true. The way she tells it, they’re something like best buddies; Kim (?!) cooks and they play Guitar Hero together on the regular.

Last Thursday she was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show; Kim said even though Reggie Bush hasn’t actually proposed yet, she’s planning for the wedding so.. “Whenever I get asked there won’t be any drama.”


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