Hip-Hop Going to Congress
Sep 12 2007
5:46 pm

Congress Planning Hearings on Hip-Hop’s Exploitation of Black Women

Remember this guy named Don Imus? When that so-called scandal broke out it was like trying to find the chocolate chips in a dollar box ice cream to get a black person or hip-hop artist that would defend Imus’s right to make his little joke. On the comedy front, Patrice O’Neal mentioned on the Opie and Anthony Show, that rappers were stupid not to defend him, because they would be next on the list. “They’re coming after hip-hop next!”.. he screamed.

The line drawn from Imus to hip-hop was the question of where Imus got the idea and felt so comfortable calling a young black woman a ho in the first place. Which for rappers is hard to fend off considering the word is used like THE in some popular rap songs.

Here we are a year later, Imus has lost his job and guess what.. the focus is on *hip-hop*


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