Martin Lawrence, Will Smith - Bad Boys
Mar 12 2002
11:41 am

Bad Boys For Life

Will Smith is a pioneer in the hip-hop community. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t hear me blasting “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” out of the jeep anytime soon and I certainly don’t agree with his claim in a Source magazine interview a few years ago.. he stated that he was the greatest rapper alive.. period.. with a straight face.. Haha hahha ha haha hahaaha . Yeah he was one of the first rappers to get suckled by the MTV crowd, but the pioneering efforts I’m talking about are those related to film and TV.

When he teamed up with Quincy Jones to produce The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a show that highlighted his B-Boy-lite persona, he was leading the way for the rapper turned actor parade.

Following behind him, marching down that street, drawing crowds by the millions, was Martin Lawrence. He wasn’t a rapper but he benefited from the popularity of rap and truly got his big break from Russell Simmons. You Go Girl, Shanaynay You aint got no job maynnnnn All Martin classics. Too bad his ego blew up and ruined the show.

It was during the time that problems began to bubble behind the scenes of the Martin set that he joined with Will Smith to make Bad Boys. It was a nice combination. Will Smith, already on his way to becoming a Hollywood sweetheart, smoothed out Martin’s rawer edge. It was like sweet and sour pork.. or chicken.. Whatever floats your boat.


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