Dwayne Wade at mother's church - Temple of Praise
May 19 2008
8:28 pm

Dwayne Wade Buys His Mother a Church: “I’m So Proud of Her”

This summer Dwayne Wade will be on a heavy training regimen to get back to his superstar level on the court. Off the court, his mother, Jolinda Wade has already beat him to it.

Make that - Pastor Jolinda Wade.

Because of his mother’s addiction to drugs, Dwayne Wade was raised by his older sister, Tragil Wade. His mother sold drugs, used them, and up until a few years ago, walked Chicago’s streets as a fugitive.

Through the years family members tried to get her to change her ways. One Sunday in 2001, Tragil Wade was able to convince her mother to attend a church service with her. It was a day that changed Jolinda Wade’s life. A light turned on within her. She went on to successfully complete a drug rehab program and turned herself in to Illinois authorities to serve a prison term she was tacked with after skipping out of a work-release program.

While in prison Jolinda started a ministry. It was an expression of how that church day had influenced her and the light of God that was now in her life. When she was released Jolinda’s spiritual journey continued.


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Dwayne Wade and Star Jones at Serena Williams tennis match - March 07
May 01 2008
11:35 pm

Dwayne Wade Confirms He’s Dating Star Jones >> Well, He Didn’t Deny It

If you’re late on your who’s dating who news: last year, Dwayne Wade ‘un-officially’ separated from his wife, Siohvaughn Funches; Star Jones just filed for a divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds. Last March, Dwayne Wade and Star Jones went to a Serena Williams tennis match together in Biscayne, Florida. Now, courtesy of MediaTakeOut, they are rumored to be a couple.

According to a person affiliated with the Miami Heat organization, Star Jones has been picking up Dwayne after most of their recent home games. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “[Dwayne’s] teammates are even joking around with him about it. They say he has to watch his back - cause Al’s gonna get him.”


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Miami Heat Win Championship - Alonzo Mourning
Nov 01 2006
5:01 pm

Miami Heat Get Their Rings.. Shaq’s Take on Wade’s GQ Cover

The NBA season kicked off last night, which three years ago would mean practically nothing to me. Back then I’d watch the occasional Knick game, go to Madison Square garden when I got free tickets, and check back in around playoff time. Since discovering fantasy basketball though the NBA season has become the best time of the year.

There’s something about watching players hit threes, tack on that 10th assist or grab another rebound on the way to a 20 and 10 that makes the game more alive, especially when they’re on your “team.” Fantasy basketball makes you a damn stat fiend and in tune with what’s going on across the NBA.. not just the hometown team. You have a fantasy league going? It’s funny how many people do.

My league met up at this fancy hotel in Times Square, all rosters are on the table, beers and what not.. I mean lager :/ .. and this guy in a $1000 suit looks over. “Ah. Picking your fantasy teams. Haha. We did that already.” Yeah, but did you get Lebron James?

The Miami Heat and the Ben Wallace Bulls had the honor of tipping the first ball of the season.

Before the game business had to be taken care of, the Miami Heat have been waiting all summer to get their championship rings. Last night everyone from the bench players to the assistant to the assistant coach got a little icy. As you can see in the picture, Mourning and the Glove finally got what they’ve been playing for the past thirteen - fifteen years.


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