Donald Rumsfeld Fired Up
Nov 08 2006
4:24 pm

Donald Rumsfeld F-I-R-E-D: Democrats ‘Thump’ The White House

Donald Rumsfeld was fired this afternoon. President Bush said it was in the works for weeks and had nothing to do with the ‘thumping’ the Republicans got last night. By the way, that was the President’s description. During today’s press conference Bush said.. ”.. the elections were close. The cumulative effect is a thumping. It’s a polite way of saying” well, they got their asses kicked.

Firing Rumsfeld was the Plan B; in order to not look powerless in the face of a Democratic win the Bush team cracked the “break in case of emergency” box to appear on top of things. You know, like they’ve been since the beginning of his term.. Bush: “I’m making a change at the Secretary of Defense to bring a fresh perspective as to what to achieve, what I think most Americans want, which is a victory. My point is while we have been adjusting, we will continue to adjust. Somehow it seeped in their [the public’s] conscious that my attitude was just simply ‘stay the course.’ Stay the course meant let’s get the job done. It doesn’t mean staying stuck on a strategy or tactics that may not be working.”

Isn’t it nice how the morning brings clarity to the mind? Things said and done under the influence are forgotten, meaning brought into focus.. “No, when I said F-ck You! I wasn’t saying Fuck YOU. It was a question, like.. Fuck You?!? Why would I insult you like that? Don’t be stupid.”

I hope you joined in on the fun. This year was the first time I ever felt the need to vote in a senate/congressional election. Thank President Bush for illuminating the need for having buddies up and down the corridors of DC to really make things happen for your party.


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