Carmen Bryan and Nas - It's No Secret
Nov 13 2006
5:46 pm

It’s No Secret: Five Things I Learned About Carmen Bryan

1. Even Men That Don’t Know Her Fight Over Her Stuff

“Nope. It’s sold out,” the bookstore clerk said looking at the computer terminal. He gives me a smirk like, ‘you’re reading that crap?’ Hey, I can’t believe it myself. The chance to grab it 1/2 price had a lot to do with it, but now I want to read it so I’m resigned to having to pay full price for it at B&N.

On the way out Jon Leguizamo’s “Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of my Hollywood Friends” caught my eye. Shrugged and took it as a consolation prize, guess I’ll read this crap.

Five steps towards the register and the same clerk runs from behind a display case, “Hey, wait!” He walks up to a guy with.. the book. “Is this it?,” he asked. “Yeah.” Snatches it out of the guy’s hands and gives it to me. The guy is standing there dumbfounded. I’m thinking, that’s really fucked up. Store clerk smiles and starts straightening some books, “it’s yours.” I look at the bookless guy, still holding his hands in the air. “Were you buying it?” I asked him. Store clerk jumps in, “No he wasn’t, take it.” Looking at the guy again.. he says, “If I touch it again, I’m keeping it.” I’m trying to figure out why dude straight ripped the book from his hands to give it to me.. but dude’s not about to touch it again. And then you say to yourself.. if he did would we really be fighting over a book?

A lot like Nas and Jay-Z, if you have Carmen tell it, their rap battle was really about Jay-Z wanting her. Little comments to dig at Nas’ spine. When she accepted Nas’ engagement ring Jay’s jealousy flowed over and as the baby seat line showed, got out of control. It’s yours, it’s mine. It’s yours.. Yeah, it’s mine. Bookless guy worked there, he was reading on store time.


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