T-Pain and Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop in a rap battle
Nov 22 2011
10:07 pm

T-Pain Gets Dropped by Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart)

On the eve of the release of his fourth album, Revolver on December 6, T-Pain got word that Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) wanted to step to him for some lyrical warfare. “No problem,” said T-Pain. “My only request is that he stand up when he talk to me.” And so it began. Standing on a street corner in Atlanta, Chocolate Drop showed up with heavy bars.

How heavy?


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T-Pain on the city streets on his way to Lily
Oct 02 2011
11:16 am

T-Pain “5 O’Clock” Video feat. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa

In advance of his new album “RevolveR,” T-Pain just debuted a video for the first single “5 O’Clock.” The song is a new direction for T-Pain; this is not I’m in love with a stripper, or maybe it is.

T-Pain at a party, laying down on a couch.

When the video begins, T-Pain is at a party. He gets a text and jumps up and spends the next three minutes looking upset as he walks through the late night, city streets, en route to the apartment of the unidentified female texter.

It looks like it’s Lily Allen; who also sings the chorus.


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T-Pain performs at the 2008 BET Awards
Jun 25 2008
7:46 pm

T-Pain Shines Bright as the BET Award’s Ringleader/Mad Scientist

T-Pain played a big role in last night’s BET Awards. The Rick Ross/DJ Khaled portion of the Ringleader act was a front row seat at the circus; the Mad Scientist in Lil Wayne’s act was diabolical! Take away T-Pain’s willingness to be the Ringleader and you’re talking a dip 6 decibels on the ‘excitement’ meter.

T-Pain performs at the 2008 BET Awards


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Sep 18 2007
7:42 am

News Nugget: T-Pain Teams Up With Jennifer Hudson For First Duet

T-Pain talked to MTV news about a duet with Jennifer Hudson. He doesn’t say and MTV didn’t confirm if it’s for her upcoming album. If it is “first duet” must mean he won’t just be hugging the chorus, and Jennifer Hudson’s album will have somewhat of a youth boost.

What does that mean? Try to imagine what a Jennifer Hudson album would sound like.. it’s hard to shake those Dreamgirl ballads from your head. What’s definite is the Pain vocoder will be hot and ready for action - he don’t sing without it.


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