Lauren London sunshine smile in yellow
May 22 2008
6:23 pm

Lauren London Reveals Her Eight Most Prized Possessions

What do ripped no-name jeans from the 90’s, Barbra Streisand, and a pocket-sized bible have in common? They are all among Lauren London’s most prized possessions.

In a Complex interview with Travis Barker, “New New” dug into a duffel bag and talked about eight things close to her heart.

The Barbra Streisand thing threw me off..

Barbra Striesand Players magazine 1965

“I am obsessed with Barbra Streisand. She’s the underdog. As a kid, I felt my chances [of acting] were long; my mother was a single parent in an abusive relationship and knew nothing about Hollywood. But [Barbra] overcame her obstacles, so I knew I could overcome mine.”

but I liked meeting the parents..


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This Christmas movie premiere
Nov 13 2007
1:29 pm

Flickerazzi - “This Christmas” Movie Premiere

Last night in Hollywood, California, the stars gathered at the Cinerama Dome for the “This Christmas” movie premiere. It looked like the holiday spirit was flowing all around. Lots of smiles and good vibes. From the trailer it looks this movie is going to be worth the ticket price, by these people’s faces you can tell they are ecstatic with the final cut.

This Christmas movie premiere - Chris Brown, Lauren london

Chris Brown and Lauren London the ‘stars’ of the movie brighten things up.


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Lauren London and Cassie Visit MTV Sucker Free
Oct 23 2007
5:39 pm

Lauren London and Cassie Bless MTV’s “Sucker Free”

Have you noticed pictures of Lauren London and Cassie popping up all of a sudden? It seems like a left field meeting of minds. Lauren London signed as a Sean John model a short time ago, and Cassie, if she’s not gonna sell albums, she’s gonna do something to hang around the Bad Boy office. The ad campaigns are starting to trickle out.

Lauren London - Cassie - Sean John ad campaign

They visited the MTV studios last week for a “Sucker Free” spot.


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Meagan Good - Lauren London
Sep 21 2007
4:40 pm

Meagan Good and Lauren London Talk Relationships On The Fly Guy Chronicles

Meagan Good is the black celeb most likely to be spotted darting in or out of club by TMZ. To her credit those visits haven’t been attached to coca powder residue on her upper lip or passed out drunk and hot in the VIP section. In TMZ’s latest catch, she’s playfully covering up her breasts saying.. “a girl likes to be free.” Not a big deal, but it rarely is with these club entrance moments.

Meagan is also recognized as being a ‘regular girl.’ That designation comes courtesy of The Fly Guy.

Who the f*ck is The Fly Guy? Answer your own question, I have no idea. But dude recently sat down with Meagan Good to talk her about relationships: her first boyfriend, what she likes in a guy, how to get over a crushed heart. The Fly Guy is studying to be Doctor Love.


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