Mya at Bungalow 8 for DJ Kiss Birthday party
Mar 25 2009
5:59 pm

Mya at Bungalow 8 for DJ Kiss Birthday Party + Club Zodiac

On Monday, Mya was at Bungalow 8 in NYC for DJ Kiss’s birthday party. There is the birthday girl.. on the right.


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Mya in black and white
Nov 18 2008
9:31 pm

Mya’s Sugar and Spice and “Paradise” - JP Exclusive

Mya has been off the music radar for a good minute. Do in no small part to her anemic CD sales and label execs that are only comfortable backing artists using the same tired template, again and again. Sometimes labels have to distribute and produce music they know has no chance to sell big numbers, but widen the spectrum of available music and just may push the sound in a new direction. Insert copy cats and - we got new business, people. Not that Mya has cracked the vault of creative expression, but she does have talent.


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Mya at Dogust the First - North Shore Animal League
Aug 02 2008
12:56 am

Mya Loves the Puppies. It’s DOGust the First

Mya spent the afternoon in Port Washington, NY to celebrate “DOGust the First” at the North Shore Animal League. The animal shelter promotes the importance and advantage of adopting sheltered animals. Mya is a regular at North Shore’s events. This April she was a national spokesperson (along with Howard Stern’s wife Beth Ostrosky) for their 22 city Tour for Life 08’.

In her words..


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Sep 25 2007
2:44 pm

Mya is Liberated from Flashbulb Relationships and Her Stalkerish Ways

Mya may or may not have an album in stores sometime in the possible near future. First Universal Motown must decide when or if she’s worthy or not of a spot on their release schedule, once it’s been determined that she’s possibly created a song that lives up to the standards of the rhythm & blues Gods.

Notice the wild non-commitment? Mya’s Liberation album has been swimming in that kind of uncertainty for four years. Her last album was released in 2003, but it seems like she hasn’t had a song that anyone really listened to since the fun on the beach with Jay-Z.

Her new album was pushed from Sept 18 and now has a release date of Oct. 23rd.


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